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Concrete doesn't stand a chance against BTI's EXC Series mechanical concrete pulverizer

These pulverizers from BTI are designed for quiet, controlled demolition and recycling of concrete structures. The concrete pulverizer uses existing excavator hydraulics, so no additional circuits are required.
• Bolt-on replaceable teeth allow for quick change-outs in the field, reducing downtime.
• Each individual tooth is replaceable, saving on parts costs.
• Unique tooth design for outstanding penetration and fragmentation.
• Superior strength with wear-resistant steel for long life and durability.

MINE RUNNER Personnel Carrier

Breaker Technology’s MINE RUNNER All Purpose Vehicle is a modern day solution for a future focused mining operation, aimed at safety, lower emissions, and increased productivity. Not to be confused with a customized road vehicle or generic people carrier, the Mine Runner has Hydraulic Wheel Drive (HWD) motors, providing greater power, and extended maintenance and duty cycles.

NT- E Series Rockbreaker System

The NT-E Series boom, is the 5th generation of small booms from BTI. With enhanced coverage and a larger breaker capability, this boom has an optimized structural design. Robust connections, compact pedestal mounting and common cylinders make for a maintenance friendly boom system.

Bx8 hydraulic breaker on a skid steer mount

The design of the BX Series of Hydraulic Breakers produces stable high-speed percussion, exceptional value, durability for all construction, demolition, and rockbreaking requirements. BX8 breakers are equipped with a manual high or low speed selector located on the breaker. This feature allows the operator to switch to high speed as desired, providing opportunity for improved production rates in softer material such as concrete.

MCP910-IT Hydraulic Pulverizer

Breaker Technology has been a world leader in the hydraulic breaker business for over 50 years has expanded its support role, breaking into demolition attachments for more than 15 years. As such, BTI provides and supports a wide range of demolition products like hydraulic shears, hydraulic and mechanical pulverizers, hydraulic crushers and multi-systems for the construction and demolition industry. Having listened to operator feedback regarding the need for faster operation, superior crushing/cutting force and longer life of the equipment, BTI has popularized the MCP range of hydraulic pulverizers. MCP, standing for Mechanical Crushing and Pulverizing, spans from the small MCP300 to the whopping MCP1300-IT unit.


Breaker Technology Inc. (BTI), a global leader in stationary rock breaking systems. has recently announced its development of the largest Rockbreaker in the world.

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