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Multiquip Inc.

Address 18910 Wilmington Ave., Carson, CA, 90746, US
Phone 800-421-1244
Fax 310-537-3927
Email [email protected]
Website multiquip.com
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Three Multiquip concrete power trowels that finish the job

The hydrostatic-drive MQ Whiteman HTXG6DF is a ride-on power trowel. A 2.4-litre gasoline-LPG engine delivers power and flexible dual-fuel operation, with the torque needed for panning and top-end rotor speed needed for finishing concrete. The engine power management feature senses load and adjusts hydraulic pump stroke to operate at peak efficiency. Increased chassis rigidity, achieved by lowering the centre of gravity, reduces body roll, minimizes over steer and improves steering control. The HTX also includes practical features such as SmartPitch control which synchronizes blade pitch with a single touch of the button. LED lights provide clean, bright illumination during indoor pours.

Multiquip Introduces New Light Tower

Multiquip, has launched the latest addition of its lighting solutions product line, the LT6-Series Light Tower. Versatile enough to handle a wide range of applications, it is ideal for everything from construction, mining and energy exploration to security and special event lighting.

Multiquip Launches New Products At ConExpo 2014

Multiquip, has introduced multiple new products, including a compact light tower,  new gasoline-powered portable generators, diesel-powered welder generators, and a GloBug LED balloon light at ConExpo 2014. The new products are in addition to the new products introduced at the 2014 World of Concrete show in January which included MQ Whiteman Finishing Solutions; MQ SlabArmor and First Polish, new submersible pumps, the GB4000 balloon light, the new green concrete saw and multiple compaction products.

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Multiquip's new MQ PowerBalance features a patent-pending system to ensure reliable operation of Tier 4 diesel generators through all weather conditions and loads.

“Consistent, reliable and clean power generation is what our customers demand from our MQ Power Tier 4 generators,” said Torsten Erbel, the vice president for product management, engineering and support, for Multiquip. “The addition of PowerBalance technology will assist Tier 4 generators deliver the performance and reliability that customers expect from Multiquip.” 

 Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates have placed very restrictive engine emission requirements on all diesel engine manufacturers doing business in the United States. Latest generation diesel engines, supporting interim Tier 4 and Tier 4 Final emission directives, are designed to continually clean the engine exhaust to ensure EPA emissions compliance.

 The Tier 4 engine and emission system can experience problems when running at low temperature and/or low loads. During these conditions, excess soot build up can result in poor performance and untimely shutdowns.

MQ Power’s PowerBalance is an integrally-mounted load bank system designed to apply a supplemental resistive load to the generator when operated under low temperature and/or low load conditions. It constantly monitors, senses, and manages the exhaust temperature and/or load. No additional monitoring is required to keep the generator continually running and providing the reliable power needed.

For more information on the MQ Power Balance technology, please contact the sales team directly at [email protected].

Four new Multiquip Tier 4i generator models

Multiquip is now shipping four new generator models which are powered by Tier 4i engines: the DCA150SSC (150Kva), DCA180SSC (180Kva), DCA220SSC (220Kva) and DCA300SSC (300Kva). Each is equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to trap particulate matter, or soot, from the diesel engine exhaust.