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Address 1714 Fifield Road, Pella, IA, 50219, US
Tel 641-628-1515
Website ring-o-matic.com
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About Ring-O-Matic

Ring-O-Matic was founded in 1960 as a general machining and manufacturing company.

We now manufacture industrial Vacuum Excavation machines, Vac Only machines, and Car Wash Pit Cleaners. Our Iowa location takes advantage of the widely admired Midwest work ethic and commitment to honest values. This centralized location also allows good access to all of North America as well as efficient routes to shipping ports for our overseas customers.

In 1968 the company introduced its line of Car Wash Pit Cleaner machines. These machines allow the operator to easily and efficiently clean out collection pit sediment in car wash bays. Ring-O-Matic's Pit Cleaners have become the car wash industry standard.

Ring-O-Matic introduced its largest product line, industrial Vacuum Excavation machines and Vac Only machines in 1996. These machines are widely used by contractors for general construction site cleanup and for potholing (hydro excavation digging) to locate underground utilities. Precision utility location is an important part of the horizontal directional drilling process. Ring-O-Matic's patented Cyclo-Jet Potholing Excavator is the fastest and cleanest method to locate underground utilities. Ring-O-Matic offers a wide variety of vacuum excavation equipment with collection tank sizes from 150 to 3000 gallons with CAT diesel engine options up to 83 horsepower. Ring-O-Matic's product line has a strong reputation for reliability and easy-of-use.

Ring-O-Matic products still reflect the creativity of its founder Bill Van Zante. Bill was always looking for better ways to get the job done. His mechanical genius led Ring-O-Matic to many industry firsts, including: low-profile, load balanced, trailer mounted vacuum excavation machines, pressurized collection tank off-loading, a pneumatic load-breaker to break up sediment in the collection tank, and the patented Cyclo Jet Pothole Excavator tool.

Ring-O-Matic is committed to make the best vacuum excavation equipment and pit-cleaners in the world and do it in a way that provides honest value along with superb service to our customers while continuing to earn our reputation as the industry's leading innovator.

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