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Renishaw Inc

Address 2196 Dunwin Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5L 1C7, CA
Telephone +1 905 828 0104
Fax +1 905 828 5519
Email [email protected]
Website renishaw.com
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New Quarryman laser scanner system for rockface profiling

The new Renishaw Quarryman Pro 3D laser scanner system uses innovative technology to help optimize blasting and increase the profitability of quarrying operations. The system, which also helps to improve safety, was recently launched at the Hillhead 2014 tradeshow, June 24-26 in Buxton, UK. Quarryman has been an essential on-site system for quarries for over 20 years, transforming on-site safety and allowing quarry managers to modify processes simply and swiftly, and decrease post-blast workflow and costs. The new Renishaw Quarryman Pro is optimized for speed of operation in tough environments, with swift set-up, programming, scanning and data processing, and offers significant benefits over previous models.