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Fuel is the highest operating cost behind labour for organizations in transport, construction, fleet and logistics. While many businesses and governments are seeking better ways to manage their fuel, the majority still relies on error-prone manual records and data entry. 4Refuel has redefined the process by automating fuel management – and clients are saving money.
4RefuelLast year, 4Refuel saved clients over $5.5 million and helped boost productivity by an average of 20 minutes per vehicle per day. 4Refuel is the recognized Leader in Fuel Management – defined as the process of minimizing the cost of obtaining fuel and maximizing the commercial return on using it.

Using radio-frequency positive ID, 4Refuel tracks and stores fuelling data for each vehicle or piece of equipment, recording volume, date, fuel type and vehicle ID. Then, fuelling data is merged with engine performance data to create a detailed analysis of fuel efficiency, areas of waste and opportunities to boost productivity. The results are staggering.
4RefuelFuel Management
Many companies are surprised by how much it really costs to fuel a vehicle. In addition to the cost of fuel, the true cost of fuel includes the per vehicle cost of time, labour, administration, additional maintenance, insurance, etc.

Unlike traditional fuel suppliers, 4Refuel trains a national team of Territory Managers to be fuel managers who assist clients in analyzing and cutting fuel costs and help them improve fleet efficiency, profit and productivity.

The essential tool in fuel management is data – you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Each of 4Refuel’s 6,500 clients have 24-hour access to detailed fuelling history through Fuel Management Online (FMO) – at no extra charge. FMO stores years of detailed fuelling data searchable by location, vehicle, date, etc.

To this, sister company U-Con adds powerful second layer of analysis by merging the FMO fuel data with real-time vehicle engine data. The result is vehicle-by-vehicle detail on fleet idling, speeding and revving as well as engine maintenance and even fuel misappropriation. The system is unmatched in the world and is helping businesses and government actually see their fuel and directly control it.

4Refuel is the country’s largest onsite supplier of blended biodiesel and continues to expand this area of the business. 4Refuel identified the competitive edge and corporate responsibility of using biodiesel and was the first to make it available in custom blends delivered onsite.

Both diesel and blended biodiesel fuel directly to clients’ equipment when and where it is needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 4Refuel helps municipal and commercial save time and money.

4Refuel serves all diesel and biodiesel-reliant industries including fleet, construction, home heat, power generation/emergency services, marine, rail, industrial, mining, forestry, oil and gas, and municipal organizations. Any company that uses diesel or biodiesel fuel can benefit from the 4Refuel offering.

4Refuel is rapidly expanding to the US and UK. Fuel management franchise opportunities for Area Developers are available in select, high-growth markets.


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