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Web-based fuel management and tracking

Companies don’t often consider the effect of managing their fuel use in their budgeting process, despite the growing costs of fuel of all kinds. 4Refuel, formerly known as Mini-Tankers Canada, has built on years of experience in on-site fuel delivery to create a web-based fuel management system designed to track usage and reduce costs.

Through an affiliation with U-Con Telematics, 4Refuel has developed a system that allows for gathering of information and development of records that can give companies a way to ensure their equipment is operated efficiently and save fuel where possible.

With a ten-year history of delivering fuel to customers wherever they are, and a focus on diesel delivery using their distinctive small tanker trucks, Mini-Tankers Canada, and as of July 2005 4Refuel, developed a strong relationship with large companies across the country. As fuel prices went up, those companies started asking for more than just a full tank of diesel. “Our customers started to ask for information about how much we pumped and how much tax was being paid on that fuel,” explained 4Refuel President Jack Lee. “Because we had onboard computers in our trucks, we started data warehousing, and we were able to start tracking that information.” That became the basis of a telematics package that today allows 4Refuel to gather a huge amount of information from clients’ vehicles and equipment, and gives an opportunity to show trends of fuel usage that can be the basis of a management program.

The process is simple: a small telematics instrument is installed on the piece of equipment in question, and each time it is fueled, information based on the requirements of the owner can be downloaded. The system identifies the machine and collects information that can be sent to the central system. Fuel calculations can ensure downtime waiting for fuel is reduced or eliminated, and regular maintenance can be tracked as well.

The system can be used through a Web-based interface, or details can be e-mailed directly to the client.

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