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Bergkamp Pivot Tack System for FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher eliminates tripping hazards and keeps tack off of equipment

Tack that is sprayed into potholes to increase adhesion within a patch can also adhere to equipment hoses. In addition, the hoses can present jobsite tripping hazards. To address these common issues, Bergkamp Inc. has engineered a new Pivot Tack/Air Hose System for its FP5 Flameless All-In-One Pothole Patcher. Located at the back-right side of the FP5's hopper body, the system's pivoting arm holds the original tack hose off of the ground and parallel to the hopper, locked in place for transporting with a spring-loaded pin. 

Tier 4 engine powers paver truck and meets emissions regulations

The new M310CS truck-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing paver from Bergkamp Inc. receives power from the Tier 4 truck engine that fulfills stringent emissions regulations. Based on customer feedback, Bergkamp developed the M310CS with the same proven design, efficiency and productivity as its M310 paver, but with PTO-driven hydraulic pumps that allow elimination of the side engine. This feature, along with the Tier 4 truck engine technology, allows customers to reduce their emissions reporting and equipment maintenance needs. 

Bergkamp’s New MA30 Applies Mastic Surface Treatment to Preserve Asphalt Pavement

Bergkamp Inc., is introducing the MA30 Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment Applicator that allows contractors and government agencies to apply Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment over highways, roads, parking lots and airport runways to protect the surface and extend the life of the pavement. It applies a material mix that is made to precise specification, which results in fewer operator calculations and on-the-job adjustments, minimizing operator training time. The full-length ribbon mixer works to maintain the proper material consistency, regardless of the truck engine speed during transport to the job site. The Frictional Mastic Surface Treatment is then applied over the existing pavement through a variable width, low pressure spray bar that has side-shift capabilities.

Bergkamp’s M210 Truck-Mounted Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing Paver Lengthens Pavement Life

Bergkamp Inc., based in Salina, KS, offers the M210 truck-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing paver to deliver one of the most efficient methods of preventive maintenance for highways, roads and parking lots—which can extend the life of pavement by up to seven or more years. Slurry seal and micro surfacing is a mixture of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water and additives that is applied over existing pavement as one smooth layer. The truck-mounted M210 can carry 10.5 yd3 (8.0 m3) of aggregate in a level struck load, 600 gallons (2,271 liters) of asphalt emulsion and 600 gallons (2,271 liters) of water. It features a 65-gallon (246-liter) stainless steel additive tank. The pugmill, conveyor and all liquid material tanks are removable for easy cleaning. All tanks are bolted in rather than welded, adding extra durability and improving ease of maintenance. The asphalt emulsion and water tanks are separate components, eliminating possible rust-through and contamination of products.

Bergkamp’s FP5 Sand Spreader attachment maximizes truck utilization and disperses sand in widths up to 34 feet

Bergkamp Inc., based in Salina, KS, offers the optional Sand Spreader attachment to help government agencies and contractors employ their Bergkamp FP5 Flameless Pothole Patchers in winter months when patching is not always ideal. Used in place of the standard material chute or Swing Auger System, it applies an even coat of sand to the road surface to create traction before and after snow fall and freezing precipitation. Sand is held in the unit’s 5.1-cubic yards hopper (used for asphalt when patching) and then transferred via a hydraulically driven auger to the 17.5-inch (44.5-centimetre) in diameter poly spinner for distribution. Easy-to-use in-cab controls let you regulate how much sand is being laid down and adjust spinner speed to change the width of the sand coverage from 5 to 34 feet (1.5 to 10.4 metres). Since the Sand Spreader runs off the same hydraulic system as the Flameless Pothole Patcher, switching between placing asphalt and sand is quick and easy. The unit’s selector valve shuts off patching mode to prepare for spreading sand, while quick disconnects allow the operator to easily disconnect the hydraulic breaker hoses and connect the spinner.

Continuous paver electronically simplifies slurry seal and micro surfacing

Bergkamp’s new M1E self-propelled continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing paver, which combines two of its innovative technologies to form one of the most productive pavement preservation machines available. Bergkamp equips the only full-size continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing paver manufactured worldwide with its innovative EMCAD (Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic) System that electronically controls production and sends constant feedback to the operator. All major component clutches, chains and sprockets on the standard M1 have been replaced with direct-drive hydraulics to work with the EMCAD System, reducing the number of wear parts and maintenance points on the machine. The system ties material ratios of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water, additive and fines together with an electronic signal and automatically maintains the ratios with feedback loops. In addition, it electronically self-diagnoses control system or engine problems and displays a simple error code, reducing troubleshooting and repair time. 

All-in-one flameless pothole patcher reduces waste

The all-in-one FP5 Flameless Pothole Patcher drastically reduces material waste with its insulated 5.1-cubic-yard, electric-heated hopper that keeps asphalt at a constant temperature and pliable for an extended period of time. The truck-mounted unit’s electric-heat system uses an onboard hydraulic-powered AC generator to warm the full-length, electric-heating elements. The system can be plugged into an external power source to keep material at the proper temperature overnight or over a weekend – reducing material waste and providing flexibility when filling the unit.

Variable width spreader

The Variable Width Spreader Box (VSB) provides better flexibility for government agencies that perform microsurfacing work on highways, roads and other pavements where the width fluctuates throughout the job. The proven VSB can expand and contract while paving so you don’t have to stop when the road changes – eliminating unwanted construction joints and increasing pavement driving quality. It has four augers; the first two feed the material to the centre of the box while the other two evenly distribute the mix during placement. The VSB is available in 8- to 13-foot (2.4 to 4.0 m), 9- to 14-foot (2.7 to 4.3 m) and 10- to 15-foot (3.0 to 4.6 m) models. Widths up to 16 feet (4.9 m) are available by special order.

Trailer-mounted paver ideal for large preservation jobs

Bergkamp’s M216 trailer-mounted slurry seal and micro surfacing paver is designed for highway and large preventive maintenance jobs. It provides increased material capacity over truck-mounted units, and is Bergkamp’s largest self-contained slurry seal and micro surfacing paver. The M216 offers improved maneuverability when used with a short-wheelbase truck, and allows contractors to achieve higher truck utilization – since the truck can be used for other applications in the offseason. Slurry seal and micro surfacing is a mixture of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water and additives that is applied over existing pavement as one smooth layer – which can extend the life of pavement by up to seven or more years. The M216 can carry 16 cubic yards (12.2 cubic metres) of aggregate, 1,500 gallons (5,678 litres) of asphalt emulsion and 1,000 gallons (3,780 litres) of water. The water tank is located at the front of the trailer to provide better weight distribution and handling. It also has a 55-gallon (200-litre) stainless steal additive tank. The pugmill, conveyor and all liquid material tanks are removable. All tanks are bolted in rather than welded, adding extra durability and easy maintenance. The asphalt emulsion and water tanks are separate components, eliminating rust-through and cross-contamination of products. The M216 is run by an on-board engine. It provides flexibility to better manage legal load weight restrictions by adding up to three tag axles, including one behind the drive axle – which increases the wheelbase. Aggregate is delivered to the pugmill by a belt-over-chain conveyor that eliminates slippage. Steep hopper walls minimize bridging problems, while the hopper’s polyethylene lining reduces friction. This eliminates the need for a vibrator, which decreases problems with loose bolts and damage to welds and components. The water, asphalt emulsion and additives ratios are regulated as they are pumped into the pugmill, where they are mixed with the aggregate. The variable-speed, dual-shaft, multi-paddle pugmill has a dual hydraulic drive, which provides even mixture and material flow.

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