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Somero Enterprises, Inc.

Address 14530 Global Parkway, Fort Myers, FL, 33913, US
Telephone 1-906-482-7252 #4
Website somero.com
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Mini Screed now equipped for multiple applications

The Somero Mini Screed C – small and maneuverable with laser controlled accuracy – is now equipped for multiple applications such as chaired mesh, fluted metal deck, post tension and other commercial applications. This newest addition to the walk-behind Laser Screed family consistently achieves laser accuracy on various slump and mix designs, demonstrating proven performance with all applications including radiant floor heating, un-reinforced elevated and slab-on-grade.

One-pass finishing

The new Somero Mini Screed – small enough to fit easily into the bed of a pickup truck – is a portable and versatile Laser Screed. Weighing only 352 pounds with a six-foot head, the Mini Screed uses Som-ero’s patented laser-levelling technology to cut the concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat and vibrate it smooth in one pass. Residential flatwork contractors working with slab-on-grade and basement slabs using the Mini Screed can consistently achieve laser accuracy on various slump and mix designs. The Mini Screed delivers better concrete consolidation than hand-held vibratory screeds, also making it an excellent choice for small commercial contractors.

3-D profiler allows accurate laser screeding of concrete

The Somero 3-D Profiler System allows concrete to be placed over contoured sites automatically when using a Somero Laser Screed. The highly accurate laser screeding of concrete, until now restricted to single and dual plane applications, is now available to meet the demands of real three-dimensional paving.