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Two New DMS Centers Open in North America

New Soilmec Data Control Centers are now open 24/7

Soilmec’s Drilling Mate System (DMS) is a high-tech, interactive system that allows drill rig operators and jobsite personnel to monitor and control drilling parameters and machine conditions in real-time. Data from an array of monitors and sensors on the drill rig are transmitted to the cab and can also be transmitted via Wi-Fi to a control center where Soilmec experts can help their customers troubleshoot.

Two new Soilmec DMS Data Control Centers are now open 24/7 to provide real-time remote monitoring of DMS rigs and help rig operators troubleshoot drilling issues. The centers are located in the offices of Soilmec’s North America agents – Champion Equipment Sales in Paramount, California and American Equipment & Fabricating in Providence, Rhode Island – and are staffed with trained personnel.

The DMS Advantage

Using DMS saves time and money by improving productivity and work quality. With DMS, operators avoid rig downtime and achieve greater efficiency. Accurate drilling parameters can be set and monitored so that pile quality will consistently meet project specifications. DMS data can also be displayed, processed, and analyzed in reports and diagrams at any time. To ensure the rig is properly maintained for longevity, DMS monitors rig functionality, identifies necessary maintenance, and provides online access to facilitate faster ordering of replacement parts. For operator safety and efficiency, DMS also performs a system function and configuration check every time the rig is started up.

Watch the new video about DMS at www.SoilmecNA.com/DMS

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