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Weiler is the first stop on AEM's U.S. bus tour

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Weiler, a Knoxville, Iowa, paving equipment manufacturer, will be the first stop of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) "Manufacturing Express." The inaugural event will take place on July 1, 2024.

Weiler and its employees will be recognized for their contributions to the local community and manufacturing industry. In under 25 years, Weiler has grown into one of the largest employers in Knoxville and Marion County. A manufacturer with more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the facility is equipped with machining tools, welding, powder and wet paint, and assembly equipment, allowing Weiler to better control machine component quality and delivery. The company employs more than 675 in a town of 7,500. 

"The ‘Manufacturing Express' celebrates our employees and community while highlighting our contribution to American manufacturing and the U.S. economy," stated Pat Weiler, president and founder at Weiler. "It's an opportunity to invite policymakers, and media to come together to learn more about Weiler and our role in driving innovation, economic growth, and job creation in the region."

The "AEM Manufacturing Express" will make its first stop on its national tour at Weiler. The tour covers more than 20 states with 80 stops at equipment manufacturers to showcase the technology and innovations that power modern equipment along with the technologies, processes, people, and products used in the industry.

"We are thrilled to be joining with so many community leaders and supporters of Weiler for this amazing opportunity to highlight the importance of American off-highway equipment manufacturing in Knoxville on July 1," stated Megan Tanel, president of AEM. "The ‘AEM Manufacturing Express' is more than just a bus tour; it is an opportunity to tell the stories of the men and women of our industry in Knoxville and highlight how their grit, determination, and can-do spirit has been pivotal to the American way of life."

Company info

815 Weiler Drive
Knoxville, IA
US, 50138


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6737 West Washington Street, Suite 2400
Milwaukee, WI
US, 53214-5647


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