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Lekatech electric hammer is flexible and powerful for low-emissions operation

An electric hammer and the Lekatech logo
A LEKA Toras 35 electric hammer Lekatech

Lekatech will unveil the LEKA Toras 35 electric hammer at Hillhead 2024.

Lekatech developed the linear electric motor technology over many years of research and innovation. Lekatech says that it delivers benefits on urban construction projects and in quarry or mine environments, above or below ground.

Lekatech built its electric hammers for operator comfort, economic use, and high productivity. Lekatech's linear electric motor produces low emissions and operating costs.

Designed to integrate with electric carrier machines, Lekatech electric hammers have been designed to match with electrically powered machinery. The original Lekatech electric hammer delivers up to 70 percent energy savings when factoring in the overall energy consumption of the equipment. In addition to energy efficiency, Lekatech says that its electric hammer has been able to outperform comparable technology, providing twice the blow impact energy of a hydraulic hammer of the same size. 

"The Lekatech electric hammer is highly efficient and has a power-to-weight ratio superior to similar traditionally powered hammers. Furthermore, it was introduced to the market at the same time as electric excavators and is thus a natural partner for electric-powered equipment and the ideal choice for when working in zero or low-emission areas. Through listening to our customers and distributors, we have now improved the Lekatech electric hammer," explains Antti Anttila, CEO of Lekatech Oy.

The LEKA Toras 35 electric hammer

As with its existing electric hammers, the LEKA Toras 35 has been developed using the latest technology in conjunction with breaking experts in the field. The LEKA Toras 35 is based on tubular linear (permanent magnet) electric motor technology which is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of breaker hammer use. The structure, despite weighing only 540 kilograms, is constructed with a minimum number of wear parts.

Anttila says that the LEKA Toras 35 is flexible with adjustability being one of the key factors when designed. Each blow and the gap between the blows can be adjusted, enabling more possibilities for hammering applications.

"In designing the LEKA Toras 35, we built on the success of our original Lekatech electric hammer," continues Anttila. "This was developed so that users could benefit from using a breaker where each hit of the hammer is optimized with the machine adapting to changing conditions. In effect, using a high precision force that learns."

As with the original Lekatech Electric Hammer, the LEKA Toras 35 is based on Lekatech's linear electric motor technology and uses electric impact hammer technology. This enables more energy-efficient earthmoving, quarrying, and mining operations, but also helps aid a transition to more sustainable operations in these fields. 

"Environmental friendliness and performance go hand in hand with the LEKA Toras 35, with its programmable features providing flexibility that enable continuous digital development. Furthermore, the innovative hammer eliminates the need for oil and the oil-associated environmental impact of hammering, with oil consumption being reduced by 98 percent when compared to hydraulic hammers," concludes Anttila.

The LEKA Toras 35 is now available from Lekatech.

Key features of the LEKA Toras 35

  • 70 percent more energy efficient than hydraulic hammers
  • Twice the blow impact energy compared to traditional hydraulic hammers
  • 98 percent reduction in oil consumption compared to hydraulic hammers
  • Adjustable energy and frequency

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