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John Deere grows compact P-Tier line with new CTLs and SSLs

Two new skid steers and three compact track loaders join John Deere's P-Tier lineup

A skid-steer loader carrying a cold planer attachment on a road.
Two new skid-steer loaders and three compact track loaders make up the new P-Tier additions to John Deere's lineup. Three new attachments including a cold planer and two mulching heads have also been released. John Deere

John Deere has expanded the number of compact machines in its Tiering Strategy, introducing two new skid steer and three compact track loaders. The five new models feature a new cab design, added technology, and more power compared to previous machines.

The 330 and 334 P-Tier skid steers and 331, 333, and 335 P-Tier compact track loaders are joined by three new attachments - two mulching heads and a cold planer. And, for users looking for grade management solutions on their compact machines, the 333 and 335 P-Tier models can be equipped with John Deere SmartGrade.

Larger operator stations with reduced noise

New, fully redesigned cabs are larger and more comfortable. The operator station is sealed, pressurized, and isolated from the frame, all of which reduces outside noise and protects the cab interior from the elements. An eight-inch touch-screen display, available on all models and standard on the 334 and 335 P-Tier, provides insight and customization of machine settings and viewing information. When the premium display is selected, a range of standard features are included within the software.

A new premium heated and ventilated seat, hands-free Bluetooth calling capabilities, and optimized joystick controllers all make the operator more comfortable. Controls can be adjusted for personalized setup. A 25-button SSM puts all functions in one spot, eliminates rocker switches, and offers easier adjustments while operating. Visibility from the cab has been increased by 20 percent over G-Series loaders.

The touchscreen also includes onboard Grade Indicate, which shows the cross-slope and main-fall of the machine in either degrees or percent, and allows operators to use a relative benchmark to maintain grade.

The new cab is designed to tilt up in one piece for easy ground-level, all-around access to the engine, drivetrain, and undercarriage. A single operator or technician can raise the boom and enable the mechanical lock out from within the cab.

Two mulching heads compatible with certain P-Tier SSL and CTL models are designed for tough clearing jobs. John Deere

Manage attachments with new technology additions

Attachment Manager is one of two new technology capabilities making a debut on these loaders. Available as an upgrade on the 330, 331, and 333 P-Tier machines, and standard on the 334 and 335, Attachment Manager removes guesswork from determining attachment performance parameters by enabling preprogrammed flow and pressure for John Deere attachments. From displaying the key attachment parameters on the screen while running to being able to save or select performance parameters depending on the tool, this feature increases operator confidence and productivity while preventing damage to the attachment.

Surround View technology is also new, and available on all P-Tier models. It captures views from around the machine and produces a bird's-eye view to the operator, improving situational awareness and confidence while operating. When reversing, the display will automatically switch to the rearview camera. Two boom-mounted cameras dynamically combine with a rear camera for a 270-degree view of the sides and rear of the machine.]

The 333 and 335 P-Tier CTLs can be equipped with SmartGrade Ready, which includes 2D grade control or 3D SmartGrade with Topcon.

 A new hydraulic system pairs with increased power to give operators more capabilities and control than on previous models.

New attachments and Quick-Tatch coupler updates

Updates have been made to the Quick-Tatch coupler, reducing downtime and allowing for quick switches between attachments. Three new offerings have been added to Deere's attachment line, including the CP40G cold planer, powered by Wirtgen Group technology and compatible with the 333, 334, and 335 P-Tier.

Intuitive in-cab controls including tilt float activation for pass matching across rolling terrain make using the CP40G easier. It can slide horizontally from left to right for capable control and has been designed for easy pick replacement. Visible indicators for side plate depth, tilt angle, and milling drum cut boundary ensure job site accuracy. An optional pressure gauge helps monitor performance. An optional water tank mounts within the cold planer frame for convenient lifting, and the nozzle kit effectively suppresses dust.

The MK76 and MH72D mulching heads also work with the 333, 334, and 335 P-Tier models. They are designed for clearing stringy, fibrous, dense, and fast-growing vegetation. An optimized knife style head on the MK76 is ideal for fibrous vegetation. These mulching head attachments produce the finest chip of any John Deere mulchers and broadcast discharge to mitigate piles.

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