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Manitou, Kiloutou convert combustion telehandler to electric power

A group of four people stand near an electric telehandler
From left to right: Adrien Dufloer, head of technical studies, Kiloutou; François Renault, director of equipment and sustainable development, Kiloutou; Michel Denis, president and CEO Manitou Group; Hervé Ouisse, service range and second hand and remanufacturing manager, Manitou Group. Manitou

Manitou Group and Kiloutou have converted a used combustion telehandler to electric power. Manitou says that this conversion is the first retrofitted electric telehandler.

The partnership between Manitou Group and Kiloutou, which first began in early 2023, is coming into its own with the presentation of the first electric telehandler based on a used combustion model. After studying the feasibility of the project for the past year, Manitou Group's teams have come up with an electrification kit in line with the specifications shared by Kiloutou. The safety criteria were met, and performance is equivalent to the internal combustion version.

The retrofit is a transitional solution that is both sustainable and circular, with a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with an internal combustion machine. Once fitted with its electrification kit, the converted equipment will be integrated into the IMPAKT offer, dedicated to alternative, more environmentally friendly powertrains and are available from Kiloutou branches in France. 

"We are proud to present this first retrofit telehandler," says Michel Denis, CEO of the Manitou Group. "I would like to thank all the teams involved in this virtuous project. This close collaboration with rental customers like Kiloutou shows just how important it is to join forces to make quicker progress on sustainable solutions for the users of our machines. This development is fully in line with the objectives of our CSR roadmap, which aims to make the circular economy a priority."

"At a time when electric is set to become the norm and gradually replace fossil fuels, we see retrofitting as an alternative to mass replacement," says François Renault, director of equipment and sustainable development at Kiloutou Group. "It is perfectly aligned with a comprehensive fleet upgrade program, without the need to buy everything back. This project with Manitou Group pushes back the limits of the possible in terms of the circular economy and decarbonization. I'm delighted with this project, which enables our respective teams to share their know-how, and I'm particularly proud to see the expertise of Kiloutou's test centre and purchasing department at work."

The two companies are now in the process of concluding a usage partnership with a construction company, starting in September 2024. Over one year, it will enable the equipment to be tested on various worksites and indicators such as range, charging methods, and operator feedback to be analyzed in real-life conditions.

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