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Magni expands telehandler lineup with compact and elevated cab models

A telescopic handler parked inside a loading facility
A Magni TH 3.6 fixed telehandler Magni

Magni chose Intermat 2024 as the place to unveil two new telescopic handlers and two attachments.

The TH 3.6 fixed telescopic handler

With a three-tonne (6,613-pound) capacity and a lifting height of 5.8 metres (19 feet), the new TH 3.6 combines a small size with performance. This new telehandler is the most compact fixed telescopic handler in Magni's TH range. The machine is intended for the construction and logistics sectors and soon also for agriculture. It can lift its maximum load to a height of 5.4 metres (17.7 feet), 2,500 kilograms (5,511 pounds) to the maximum height and 1,100 kilograms (2,425 pounds) to a horizontal reach of more than three metres (10 feet). Its low-level design makes it ideal for tight spaces while retaining ground clearance for uneven terrains.

These characteristics, together with a Deutz Stage V engine of 55 kW (75 hp), give the TH 3.6 a top speed of 35 km/h (21 mph). The four-wheel drive and steering, with hydrostatic transmission, provide superlative stability and manoeuvrability with three steering modes: front, concentric and crab. 

With the launch of the TH 3.6 utilizes a new compact cab, which maintains the same development approach as its predecessor in the TH range. It also features USB ports (3.0 and C-type) for charging electronic devices and a handy cup holder. The new cab's standard outfit is completed by the air-suspended seat, adjustable steering column, heating, and radio.

Consulted via the seven-inch touch screen, the MCTS (Magni Combi touch system) onboard software provides control of the machine with icon-based navigation. From the main menu, the operator can access the themed screens with various functions, including load charts. Magni says that the TH 3.6 is the only machine equipped with a sophisticated, precise tipping protection mechanism. The LMI (load moment indicator) enables constant monitoring of the machine's movements to prevent overload.

A Magni RTG 6.31 EC rotating telehandler Magni

Magni's elevated cab telehandlers

Magni launches three models derived from the RTH 6.22, 6.26, and 6.31 rotating telescopic handlers, all equipped with elevating cabs. This feature is designed to optimize work in conditions that demand greater visibility providing the operator with an ergonomic position, especially when handling delicate loads or using specialist attachments. In these situations, greater visibility means safe, effective movements in complex procedures, such as the use of the tree cutting and log handling attachment.

The hydraulic mobile support can raise the cab to a height of 1.5 metres (5 feet) and tilt it between 0° and +16° for optimal control in conditions where movements must be exceptionally precise.

Magni's tilting rotating forks

Magni also revealed two new attachments for the RTH and TH ranges: the 3D-Film handler and the 5T tilting rotating forks.

The tilting rotating forks are designed for handling bulky materials in tight spaces. Unlike standard forks, they rotate and swivel to optimize the movement of the weight during loading and unloading. They deliver frontal lifting capacity of up to five tonnes (11,000 pounds), rotated load capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes (5,511 pounds), continuous rotation through 360 degrees, and positive tilting up to 70 degrees.

The 3D-Film handler was built for the film industry and has a surface fitted to support equipment such as LED light panels or floodlights used during filming in the studio or on location. With a capacity of 2.5 tonnes (5,511 pounds) and continuous rotation through 360 degrees, it provides ideal manoeuvrability and versatility.

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