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Vögele keeps performance, tackles fuel use and emissions with updates to versatile paver

An asphalt paver viewed from the side placing a mat of asphalt along a road surface.
The Vogele SUPER 1800-5 has been updated to be more fuel efficient and reduce emissions while maintaining performance. Vogele

One of Vögele's most popular paver models has been updated to join the "Dash 5" generation. The SUPER 1800-5 paves widths between 2.55 and 10 metres and, with a more efficient and sustainable drive, lowers fuel use and emissions.

Powered by a 4-cylinder engine, the SUPER 1800-5 uses less fuel than previous models while providing the same paving output, thanks to the optimized Vögele EcoPlus low-emissions package. Noise emissions are cut thanks to an optimized speed-controlled fan.

Revised material transport control contributes to reduced fuel use and improved efficiency; the auger and conveyors communicate, ensuring that material feed is consistent and precisely coordinated. This approach removes load peaks and ensures a good head of mix to keep paving moving without interruption.  An optional Power Tunnel ensures optimum material height in front of the screed.

The SUPER 1800-5 is compact for its size class and can be tasked with city street or highway paving thanks to its versatile paving width and laydown rate of 700 tph. New automated systems help with this versatility. Niveltronic Plus Assist automates installation of hardtop and transverse pavement profiles, for example; users specify the gradient of a target point and the machine ensures an even approach, without the need for constant manual gradient adjustments. The new Edge Control feature allows screed width to be controlled automatically along a tensioned wire. This also ensures that the screed side without a tensioned wire is retracted and extended accordingly for a consistent pave width.

The paver operator’s console of the SUPER 1800-5(i) provides an improved overview, increased comfort, an ergonomic design, and meets all of the requirements for interconnected road construction. Vogele

A new operator's console using the ErgoPlus 5 system offers an improved overview, increased comfort, an ergonomic design, and meets needs for interconnected road construction. Vögele has improved the design, simplified operation of individual functions, reduced the amount of headroom in favour of legroom, and has added more storage spaces.

Paver Access Control allows users to put the paver into operation from the ground with the touch of a button. All initial steps are controlled safely and comfortable via the operating unit positioned on the screed.

The Light Package Plus option ensures night work is safer with LED spotlights integrated into the roof structure, ensuring optimum illumination of the entire operating width of the paver and screed area.

Optimum precompaction is reached when using the SUPER 1800-5 with the AB 500 and AB 600 "Dash 5" extending screeds or the SB 300 rigid screed plate. The hydraulic tamper stroke setting ensures a high level of paving quality and shorter setup times. The Dual Power Shift Tamper enables operators to set the tamper stroke at the touch of a button. A new installation aid for screed widths and efficient heating of the compacting systems also helps cut setup times.

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