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Breaking down Vogele's extending screed capabilities

Two screeds are parked inside of a building
A Vogele extending screed (left) and fixed-width screed (right).

Vogele pavers can handle working widths between 0.5 m and 18 m and layer thicknesses from a few centimetres to half a meter. Whether a sidewalk or a cycle path is being built, whether a municipal road is to be resurfaced or a freeway requires high performance and precision – Vogele road pavers and fixed-width screeds allow paving teams to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Where flexibility is required and paving widths change frequently and quickly, pavers are equipped with screeds featuring variable extensions (AB). Fixed-width screeds (SB) are valued for their high rigidity and working width, especially in long-distance road construction. The paving specialist also responds to regional market requirements with special screeds.

Common to all screeds is the screed electrical heating system. It brings all parts in contact with the material, such as the screed plate and the compaction units, up to temperature quickly and evenly. Vogele also focuses on simple and intuitive operations. Operation is via the ErgoBasic operating consoles for Classic Line pavers and via the ErgoPlus 3 screed consoles for Premium Line pavers. Both operating concepts are based on the same principle, namely to make work easier and to allow switching between different screeds without the need for familiarization.

The variability of extending screeds

Vogele extending screeds are ideal for paving in varying widths and on winding roads. Vogele extending screeds are able to cope with changing widths and uneven road surfaces. The operating principle of all extending screeds is the single-tube telescoping system. Even at maximum extension, the three-part large-diameter telescopic tube is firmly anchored at half its length – and thus ideally stabilized.

Vogele's fixed-width screeds

Fixed-width screeds are synonymous with ideal plane results. This is possible because they are characterized by high stiffness. This allows them to pave surface layers seamlessly in widths of up to 18 m. With hydraulically extendable attachments, even fixed-width screeds can be varied in width by up to 1.25 m to either side.

Vogele's compaction technology

Vogele offers its screeds in different compaction variants. The suffix V denotes screeds with a vibration compacting unit, TV denotes an additional Tamper, and TP1 and TP2 denote high-compaction screeds with one or two pressure bars. This makes it possible for the paver to serve the customer's individual requirements. For example, some of the screeds in the mini and compact class and the VF and VR screeds for North America are only equipped with vibration, while other markets mainly utilize the TV version, i.e. also with a tamper.

Vogele screeds with hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment

The tamper actively compacts the mix under the screed plate, thus ensuring high pre compaction of the asphalt layer. A correctly set tamper is of key importance for the compaction result and for the floating behaviour of screeds. Adjusting the tamper stroke mechanically is very time-consuming, so it is often not adjusted at all. To avoid this, Vogele has developed the hydraulic tamper stroke adjuster. It enables operators to easily set the ideal tamper stroke for paving jobs. With the latest screeds, the tamper stroke is changed to four or eight mm on the control panel.

Pressure bars for up to 98 percent compaction

Hydraulically actuated impulse pressure bars are at the heart of high-compaction technology. With this technology, the TP1, TP2, and TP2 Plus, fixed-width screeds achieve maximum compaction. The AB 500 TP2 Plus and AB 600 TP2 Plus constitute Vogele's most powerful fixed-width screeds. They are primarily used in the InLine Pave train. With this method of resurfacing, the surface layer immediately follows the binding layer. Here, the high-compaction screed compacts the binder layer with values of up to 98 percent – but without rolling.

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