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Charging unit from Portable Electric and Volvo CE powers up electric machines on the job site

A mobile charging unit on a job site.
The PU130 from Volvo Construction Equipment and Portable Electric is capable of charging electric equipment on the job site. Portable Electric

Portable Electric and Volvo Construction Equipment have collaborated to develop the PU130 mobile charging unit. Designed, engineered, and built by Portable Electric, the PU130 enables rapid recharging of electrified construction equipment, reducing downtime and improving job site productivity.

The PU130 uses Portable Electric's proprietary 48-volt Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) technology, which provides the ability to recharge equipment on a construction site over a lunch break. Machines can run for a full work day and beyond.

"The PU130 represents a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable construction practices. By partnering with Portable Electric, we are delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed our customers' expectations," said Ray Gallant, Vice President of Volvo Construction Equipment.

In addition to recharging electrified construction equipment at a 20 kW charge rate, the PU130 can provide 40 kW of job site power for tools, lighting, office trailers, and other electrical needs.

In addition, the PU130 can hybridize with other power generation systems for extended power that ensures continuous operation with minimal environmental impact.

The unit features connectivity using Neuron OS for remote monitoring. Real-time data, analytics, and GPS tracking allow users to monitor performance remotely, optimize charging schedules, and overall improve efficiency.

"We are incredibly proud to partner with Volvo Construction Equipment in bringing the PU130 to market. This first-of-its-kind unit is a testament to our team's dedication in helping reduce the use of carbon-intensive fuels at construction sites worldwide," said Keith Marett, CEO of Portable Electric. "By removing a key barrier of adoption, electrified equipment users can now reduce their downtime and increase their productivity through our rapid recharging technology."

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