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Unicontrol's new automatic grade control solution is built for grading attachments

A compact track loader utilizes an automatic grade control solution
Unicontrol's automatic grade control supports a six-way blade and automatic side shift control. Unicontrol

Unicontrol has launched an automatic grade control solution for grading attachments and its partnership with Level Best.

Unicontrol's automatic grade control supports a six-way blade and automatic side shift control. The solution works to elevate the efficiency and precision of grading projects. Operators can focus more on maneuvering the machine while the 3D machine control handles the precision grading. 

"Teaming up with Unicontrol allows us to enhance the capabilities of our precision equipment," said Bart Townsend, general manager of Level Best. "Integrated solutions streamline operations, saving time and resources and cutting costs while enhancing accuracy."

Precision, reduced material waste, and increased operational efficiency benefit the owner and operator. Precise grading minimizes the overuse or underuse of materials and other resources, such as wasted time or fuel, contributing to more sustainable construction practices. This efficiency saves on material costs and delivers long-term savings and operational benefits to businesses looking to gain a competitive edge through user-friendly and sustainable technologies. 

"With our latest automatic grading solution for grading attachments, we're not just advancing the state of construction technology; we're making it accessible to businesses of all sizes," said Unicontrol CCO and Co-Founder Ehsanullah Ekhlas. "By offering an automatic grading solution at the right price point with no extensive training needed, we're levelling the playing field, allowing more companies to compete effectively."

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