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Advanced dozer grade control from Unicontrol streamlines tasks for more precision

A dozer with grade control masts pushing dirt on a job site.
Unicontrol's advanced grade control for dozers is precise and efficient. Unicontrol

Unicontrol has introduced a highly intuitive Automatic Grade Control system for dozers that simplifies grading operations while improving efficiency for both new and experienced users.

Automatic Grade Control for Dozers makes grading work simpler and integrates easily with an existing dozer fleet, while ensuring that advanced 3D machine control systems are accessible and user-friendly. The system features real-time 3D guidance and six-way blade control, making precision no more than a click on the integrated joystick away.

Ehsan Ekhlas, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Unicontrol, emphasized the nature of this innovation. "The Automatic Grade Control is not just an incremental update but a substantial enhancement to our intuitive solution portfolio. It's designed to provide state-of-the-art, adaptable dozer technology directly to our end-users," Ekhlas stated.

Simplified operation makes using the new Unicontrol grade control system is easy. Unicontrol

The new system from Unicontrol reflects its goal of improving advanced, affordable, and easy-to-use machine control systems for construction.

Enhanced efficiency and precision are central to the new system, which Unicontrol says streamlines grading tasks, allowing for more precise work with reduced time and effort. This leads to faster achievement of exact grading results, enhancing the overall product efficiency.

A user-friendly experience, the system is designed to give users with no previous technical knowledge an easier time getting started. Users also ge the job done faster, cutting down time and resources needed for grading work.

Automatic Grading Control will be available globally starting in December, 2023.

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