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Metso's new app for remote process control of crushers and screens

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The Metso Remote IC app Metso

Metso is expanding its software offerings with a new app called Metso Remote IC. Metso Remote IC is used for the remote control and monitoring of the crushing and screening process, and it wirelessly connects all Lokotrack crushers and screens at the site. 

With the Metso Remote IC app, operators can view all the Lokotrack train machines and their main process parameters using a single dashboard. The feeder and crusher settings can be adjusted safely from the excavator cabin, and the overall visibility of the process allows the operator to adjust the feeding for an ideal production level. In problem situations, the Remote IC automatically stops the feeder, preventing overloading. It also alerts and provides a reason for the stoppage, making it quicker and easier to get back to operation. With a lower overflow risk, the process can be run closer to maximum capacity. 

"One of the key features of the Remote IC is that there is no need for the operator to exit the excavator cabin to adjust the crushers or to stop the feeder in an overflow situation," explains Toni Peltomäki, director of automation at Metso's aggregates business area. "The ability to control and monitor the crushing and screening process from a single application has a significant impact on safety and eventually process productivity, since unnecessary process stops can be avoided." 

The Remote IC app can be operated by one person and viewed by many. Everyone at the site can view the main process parameters and alarms. For example, the wheel loader driver can acknowledge the alarm and fix the problem. 

"We are constantly developing our products and digital tools to help our customers improve their productivity. Remote IC not only increases the productivity and safety of the plant, but it can also positively impact the employees' experience and help attract new skilled workforce," says Renaud Lapointe, senior vice president at Metso's aggregates business area. 

The Metso Remote IC app can be used on Android tablets or mobile phones. It is available for all new Lokotrack models and can also be installed as a retrofit to all models that have Metso Metrics installed.

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