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Western Star vocational truck feature updates provide improved safety around job sites

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A suite of safety features previously available only on Detroit-powered Western Star vocational trucks are now standard with all engine choices. Western Star

New features announced for Western Star vocational truck models target improved job site safety without compromising on operability.

The systems available for Western Star X-Series trucks, the 47X and 49X, include Detroit Assurance with Active Brake Assist (ABA5), an automated suite of safety systems that has been extended to vocational users as a standard feature, regardless of powertrain.

In addition, a factory-installed backup alert system which includes a 7-inch integrated touchscreen display, backup camera, and reverse proximity sensor, will now be offered. The system seamlessly integrates into the cab design, enhancing driver comfort, productivity, and safety.

"This is an important milestone in our pursuit of job site safety, as we now offer what should quickly become the new standard in equipment to improve overall operator experience," said Aaron Scates, vice president of vocational and medium duty market development at DTNA. "The vocational market covers a broad spectrum of applications, and with these added safety features integrated into our cab and chassis from the factory, vocational owners and operators can feel at ease having the additional layer of safety, no matter the job. Whether it be heavy construction, road maintenance, or infrastructure development, the X-Series with Detroit Assurance and the Backup Alert System will offer more safety to our customer's operations."

The Detroit Assurance safety suite actively works to help mitigate or lessen the severity of a collision by detecting and alerting drivers when potential incidents can occur. It was previously only available for users with Detroit engines, but now is available for all buyers, including those selecting third-party engines. Safety features such as ABA5, Side Guard Assist (SGA), Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent High-Beam, and Automatic Wipers and Headlamps all aid drivers when moving to and from job sites.

Two available backup camera choices are available, either an end-of-frame mounted camera or a fully prepped camera with added harness length that will allow buyers or truck equipment manufacturers to relocate it based on body needs. Paired with the factory backup camera, drivers will have increased visibility through the integrated 7-inch touchscreen display.

Customers will have the convenience of a fully integrated backup alert system from the factory, which will reduce upfit tie. All needed components will be provided from the factory.

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