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FirstGreen cabinless remote electric skid steer ideal for underground and indoor work

A cabinless remote control skid steer with a grapple bucket.
The Elise CBL (Clean Building Logistics) is the world's first cabinless remotely operated electric skid steer, according to FirstGreen Industries. FirstGreen Industries

The Elise CBL (Clean Building Logistics) is a cabinless remotely operated electric skid steer that manufacturer FirstGreen Industries says can take indoor and underground excavation work to a new level.

A fully remote-controlled, full-size skid steer, the Elise CBL adds safety, cleaner operation, and cost-effectiveness to the job site, according to FirstGreen. State-of-the-art technologies that include AI-powered analytics and IoT connectivity, as well as an advanced materials database, the machine is a good fit as entities worldwide move towards more sustainable practices.

Removing the cabin from the design reduces the overall machine height and eliminates the necessity for FOPS/ROPS certification. Loading capacity is improved, and weight distribution is more balanced with a lower centre of gravity that helps enhance stability. With no operator inside the machine, the risk of injury or exposure to hazardous materials is significantly reduced making the machine suitable for high-risk uses.

The Elise CBL generates no emissions, making it an ideal machine for indoor and underground operation. FirstGreen Industries

The Elise CBL works with several technologies that aid in more sustainable decision making. These include a Material Optimization Processor, which uses a database of sustainable materials to recommend the most eco-friendly and cost-effective options for construction projects. The Waste Diversion System enhances sustainability by managing construction waste. Materials that can be reused or recycled are identified to ensure that waste is handled in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Predictive Energy Modelling uses advanced simulations to predict a building's energy consumption patterns and suggests changes to reduce energy usage and operational costs. Dynamic Lifecycle Tracking monitors building performance and environmental footprint on an ongoing basis, helping adapt to changing environmental standards.

The platform integrates artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to enhance its analytical capabilities and connectivity, allowing real-time data processing and decision-making. The Circular Economy Approach prioritizes the reuse and recycling of materials and resources, helping the Elise CBL align with circular economy principles and creating a regenerative system that minimizes waste and encourages the continual use of resources.

The Elise CBL is available in Canada through Evolution Mechanical.

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