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Danfoss supplies hard-mounted display option to FIRSTGREEN all-electric skid-steer loaders

A skid steer loader on a white background
A FIRSTGREEN Industries Elise 900 all-electric skid-steer loader Danfoss

Danfoss Power Solutions is supplying its DM700 display for use on the third-generation Elise 900 skid-steer loader manufactured by FIRSTGREEN Industries (previously known as Kovaco Electric). The all-electric machine utilizes the display's 7-inch screen, ideal sunlight viewability, and IP66/IP67 ingress protection ratings to provide the ideal combination of features for demanding applications.

During the design phase of the third-generation Elise 900, FIRSTGREEN Industries users requested a hard-mounted display instead of the previous control by mobile phone. Mobile phones are not particularly robust, and their small screens and poor readability in direct sunlight make operator ease of use a challenge. In contrast, an embedded display can help improve productivity and support better operator safety. 

With support from Technotrade, the DM700 emerged as the display of choice. 

Situated in the top right corner of the Elise 900 cab, the Danfoss DM700 display is connected to the skid steer's CAN bus system, providing rapid communication and higher data throughput – an advance in comparison with the phone's Bluetooth connection. The display also avoids the distractions of using a personal device for machine operation, along with problems that emerge if the phone is misplaced or not charged. The large screen area of the DM700 also provides better visibility of important machine information for the operator. 

Using the display, users can set three profiles customized to the needs of various operators or working conditions, including travel speeds and hydraulic settings. The DM700 can also display error messages and diagnostics, minimizing machine downtime.

The control joysticks can also be customized. In comparison with the analog joysticks of previous generation Elise 900 models, Danfoss JS1-H CAN joysticks offer greater accuracy and enable the adjustment of parameters. The result is a more intuitive control system customized to operator preferences. The joysticks are more reliable and simpler to install, service, and replace as there are only four wires instead of the 25 required with the previous analog devices. 

Safer operation is a further benefit of the display. In addition to prompting the operator to shut the door and fasten the seat belt to start the machine, the DM700 can help avoid rollovers by showing a real-time overview of the skid steer's roll and pitch angles.

Although the DM700 display is an option on the third-generation Elise 900, FIRSTGREEN Industries says that all purchasers to date have selected the hard-mounted display and anticipates that 95 percent of long-term sales will include it. 

"When we introduced the display, every customer was happy with it," says Lukáš Rameš, chief operating officer, FIRSTGREEN Industries. "Now we are working on retrofitting older machines so they can use the display. We already have some orders for the retrofit kits, which can rebuild generation two machines into gen three."

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