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HIPOWER SYSTEMS Debuts Comprehensive Line of “Winter Pack” Generator Packages; Helps Operators Ensure Consistent, Reliable Performance in Extreme Cold

HIPOWER SYSTEMS Debuts Comprehensive Line of “Winter Pack” Generator Packages; Helps Operators Ensure Consistent, Reliable Performance in Extreme Cold

HIPOWER SYSTEMS, a manufacturer of power-generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, has announced it is featuring an extensive line of cold-weather equipment.

The company has created a variety of Winter Pack configurations suitable for generators routinely operating in conditions from 32°F to as low as -50°F.  These packages ensure warm generator starts, greatly reducing engine stress and wear and battery demand. They also help operators surmount the considerable challenge of keeping generators running in cold temperatures.

“Many companies that use HIPOWER’s generators, either for standby usage or as rental units, are operating them in areas where the temperature is below 32°F most of the time,” said HIPOWER SYSTEMS President Rafael Acosta. “These customers need generators that start up quickly and can run continuously for long periods, no matter what the temperature might be. We consult with purchasers on their needs and make appropriate recommendations for packages that specifically meet their needs.” HIPOWER SYSTEMS, which always recommends Winter Packs where generators will be running at 32°F or below, incorporates a variety of options into its custom-designed Winter Packs, based upon anticipated operating conditions:

Battery Warmer

Battery warmers enclose generator batteries in a thermal wrap which keeps the battery at a constant 80°F, boosting cranking power by as much as 75% and prolonging battery life.

Block Heater

This option, installed on the coolant circuit, keeps the engine’s coolant warm enough to enable the unit to start and attain/maintain the required load immediately.

Hydronic Coolant Heater

The hydronic coolant heater gradually raises the engine’s coolant temperature, assuring even heating of the engine block. Although these devices work independently of the engine, they are powered by the generator’s own fuel and power supply and can operate no matter where the generator is located.

Control Panel Box Heater

These heaters, maintain the temperatures inside enclosures above a minimum setting, prevent damage to sensitive control panel electronics that comes from the condensation that occurs under certain conditions.


HIPOWER SYSTEMS offers two types of louvers (dampers), which ensure proper operating temperature inside generator enclosures by controlling the rate of air flow into the engine. They also prevent snow from entering the generator enclosure.

The Dumper Louver is a low-leak, Class 1A (International Energy Conservation Code), extruded aluminum damper designed with airfoil blades for higher velocity and pressure HVAC systems. The thermostat-activated louver system opens and closes as needed to maintain an optimum operating temperature inside the generator enclosure. It offers a tight shut off for excellent weather protection, rugged galvanized steel construction for long operating life, and a thermostat-activated motor with electronic stall protection.

The Exterior Louver model, which is installed on the roof of a generator enclosure, opens and closes the louvers based on the coolant temperature of the engine. This approach allows the engine to cool properly while keeping the enclosure temperature sufficiently warm.

Snow Hood Kit

Snow hoods are specially designed coverings that prevent snow accumulation inside the generator enclosure. With the snow hood kit, HIPOWER SYSTEMS can also relocate the air exhaust if necessary to prevent snow intrusion into the exhaust pipe without restricting air flow.   “Many of our generators are used in remote environments where startup and unattended operation are vital,” said Acosta. “When a generator is needed to supply power, there is not much time available for warm-up. Our Winter Packs ensure generators can start without a long warm-up time and stay running dependably at any ambient temperature,” said Acosta.  


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