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Caterpillar 2023 excavator specs

An excavator holding a bucket of dirt.
A Caterpillar 340 excavator. Caterpillar

Cat excavators offer technological improvements, versatility across industries, and the ready support of a large dealer network. Cat's standard technology integrations of 2D Grade, Payload, and E-Fence, along with optional 3D Grade, People Detect, and Cat Command, provide operators with an intuitive experience on the job site. Cat excavators offer increased safety, fuel efficiency, and lower costs per hour. Caterpillar also offers a large range of excavator model configurations with a wide variety of attachments, making them adaptable to a diverse array of projects and industries. Cat's global dealer network ensures reliable support, service, and genuine parts.

2023 specs for Caterpillar excavators.

Featured: 340

The Cat 340 excavator features high payload capacity, increased engine power, and low operating costs, all ensuring the 340 is efficient in heavy-duty earthmoving. Its reinforced frame is built with a wide undercarriage and robust counterweight for longer machine life and performance in challenging work environments.

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