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JCB 2023 excavator specs

An excavator working in front of a large building.
A JCB 220X excavator JCB

The JCB X Series excavator line features the CommandPlus cab, which offers seat-mounted controls and an 11-vent HVAC system. Advanced hydraulics and a customizable valve make these excavators precise, especially with attachments, thanks to the Advance Tool Select (ATS), which supports up to 10 pre-programmed tools. Enhanced hydraulic infrastructure also improves speed and fuel efficiency. Excavators in JCB's Yellow Series come standard with rear-view cameras and dipper limiters. The JCB LiveLink telematics system offers additional support for the operator, providing real-time machine health data and security features such as geofencing and curfew alerts.

Specs for JCB excavators.

Featured: 220X

The 220X is a 20-ton excavator driven by the EcoDieselmax engine for rugged performance in challenging environments. It provides tailored precision with adjustable controls, speeds, and attachments. The cab is comfortable and provides the operator with plenty of space, minimal in-cab noise, and customized climate options.

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