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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas 2023 excavator specs

An excavator digging on a pile.
A Hitachi ZX210LC-7 excavator. Hitachi

Hitachi ZAXIS-7 excavators feature larger cabs with increased head clearance for operator comfort and reduced fatigue. A one-touch adjustable air suspension seat is synchronized to move with the console. Noise has been minimized by increasing the thickness of the rear glass. Improved airtightness of the cabs keeps the dust out. Hydraulic system efficiency on the ZAXIS-7 excavators allows optimized performance while reducing fuel consumption. ConSite telematics now offers ConSite OIL, which monitors engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively catch issues, and ConSite Air, which allows the excavator to be diagnosed remotely. Software can also be updated remotely.

A spec chart for Hitachi excavators.

Featured: ZX210LC-7

The ZX210LC-7 is a powerful, fast, and precise machine for diverse applications. The next-generation TRIAS III hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption while optimizing performance. The three-pump system provides quick response to all control inputs while minimizing hydraulic losses.

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