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(VIDEO) Cat kicks off next-generation compact track loader line with two new models

The 255 and 265 CTLs feature higher lifting, more breakout, and greater capacity

A compact track loader loading a dump truck.
The next-generation Cat 265 CTL replaces two previous models, the 279D3 and 289D3. Caterpillar

Caterpillar has introduced its next generation of compact track loaders with a pair of brand-new models. The 255 and 265 track loaders offer improvements in a number of areas, including lift height, breakout force, and rated operating capacity.

The 255 and 265 are the first of what will be Cat's new array of CTLs - designated by the 5 at the end of their model number - and provide significant improvements over the popular D3 series of loaders.

Cat has previously offered eight models of D3-designated CTLs. These first two updated machines replace three previous models in the middle of the product range: the 255 will replace the 259D3, while the 265 takes the place of the 279D3 and 289D3.

What's new: higher torque, greater hydraulic pressure, bigger cabs

Cat has made major improvements to the newly redesigned pair, compared to the D3 series machines:

  • Engines maintain horsepower across wider RPM range and with higher torque
  • More lift height, breakout forces, and rated operating capacity
  • Greater standard hydraulic system pressure and new closed-centre auxiliary hydraulic system, along with "High Flow ready" capability from the factory
  • Cab design with more foot space, width, and height to add operator comfort
  • Expanded technology to allow easier use of advanced tools and software, plus integrated joystick control
Hydraulic performance in both the 255 and 265 has been improved. Caterpillar

New engines give a boost in power while hydraulic pressure increases

The 255 and 265 are both 74.3-hp machines with Cat C2.8T and C2.8TA engines respectively but have higher torque than the D3 models, maintained across a wider RPM range. The 255 features a gain of 13 percent, and the 265 a boost of 43 percent. Engine compartments are redesigned, and a cooling package set lower on the machine improves stability.

Standard hydraulic pressure has been increased to 3,500 psi, and the new closed-centre auxiliary hydraulic system allows both loaders to run Cat Smart Attachments, including the Cat Smart Dozer Blade, with standard auxiliary hydraulics provided. Standard Flow-equipped machines are shipped as "High Flow ready," activated through a new software-enabled attachment that permits on-machine or remote activation of increased hydraulic flow to 30 gpm at the standard system pressure.

Factory-optional High Flow XPS boosts auxiliary hydraulic system pressure to 4,061 psi for both models and bumps flow up to 30 gpm on the 255 and 34 gpm on the 265.

Updates to lower machine components have strengthened and stiffened the undercarriage, adding even more stability and less pitching when at work. The stiffer design ensures smoother graded surfaces. A torsion suspension undercarriage adds to comfort and improves material retention with lower track wear. The 255 is available with a 12.6-inch bar-tread narrow track option.

Operating weight for the 255 is 9,628 pounds, while the 265 weighs in at 10,492 pounds. Rated operating capacity (at 35 percent of tipping load) is 2,499 and 2,822 pounds, respectively.

Rated operating capacity has increased on both loaders compared to previous machines. Caterpillar

More space to move in roomier, more comfortable cabs

Cabs on both machines are easier to access, thanks to the redesign - operators can open the cab door without fully lowering the lift arms to the frame stops. Cab interiors are larger - a width increase of 2.75 inches adds up to 22 percent more overall volume and 26 percent added foot space, Cat says. Footwell to ceiling height is larger by 1.8 inches, while operators will find another 1.5 inches of hip room and 1.1 inches more width between the joysticks.

Visibility improvements have been incorporated through a lower engine mounting, a 59 percent larger rear window, and a bigger top window providing 15 percent more viewable area.

Optional mechanical and air-ride suspension seat options include a high-comfort seat that is both ventilated and heated. The new HVAC system includes auto temperature control and vent outlet positioning above the operator.

Expanded technology includes integrated controls, Smart Attachment compatibility

Depending on the technology package, operation is made easier through one of two monitors - either a 5-inch standard LCD or an 8-inch advanced touchscreen. The standard monitor includes functionality for a rear-view camera feed, job clock, maintenance reminders, and creep - in 32 languages. On the advanced monitor, users can have more control over standard functionality, advanced radio control, and support for the multicamera 270-degree option. Advanced touchscreen control is integrated into new advanced joysticks, allowing machine function control and adjustments to be made without ever releasing the controls.

Along with monitor control, the new CTLs are designed with other technology updates. Both standard and advanced monitors can run Cat Smart Attachments, including the dozer and grader blades and backhoe. Operational needs for these attachments are built into the joysticks - the machine recognizes the type of attachment and the required joystick pattern for controlling it.

Cat Product Link Elite is also available. Users can track machine hours, location, and use easily through the system, which also provides fault code details, advanced monitoring, and machine health, all remotely accessible through VisionLink. The system also offers remote flash and troubleshooting capabilities, and quickly enables SEA High Flow.

Watch: The new Cat 265 at work for Ford Companies

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