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Mobil challenges fleets to double oil drain intervals with Extended Performance line

The Double Your Drain Challenge offers fleets the chance to work with Mobil on improving their maintenance

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Construction and mining fleets are being challenged to double their oil drain intervals by Mobil Lubricants. Adobe Stock

Mobil Lubricants offers a line of heavy-duty engine oils targeted towards the construction and mining sectors with the ability to extend oil drain intervals significantly - and it's willing to work with fleets to back that up.

Mobil's off-highway diesel engine oils are formulated for high-horsepower operation in challenging situations, with the goal of extended oil drain intervals of up to 2,000 hours, saving users time and money while also extending the life of their engines and reducing breakdowns.

Mobil Delvac Ultra 5W-40 Extended Performance is a full synthetic, high-performance oil for diesel engines that provides up to four times the average OEM oil drain interval recommendation, up to 2,000 hours, while also protecting engine components for longer life. It is designed to maintain oxidation stability while also delivering low temperature fluidity and pumpability to help with smooth starts in cold weather down to -35 degrees C. Combined with a sophisticated additive system, this provides strong wear performance. A low ash formulation protects exhaust aftertreatment devices, helping maintain cleaner air. The oil's advanced engine cleanliness performance helps prevent deposits.

A premium semi-synthetic high-performance diesel engine oil, Mobil Delvac Modern 15W40 Extended Performance is also capable of extending oil drain intervals up to twice the OEM recommendation, up to 1,000 hours. It can also aid to extend engine life for most high-performance diesel engines in off-highway applications with a robust formulation that protects critical components. It is also specifically designed with a reinforced additive system targeted at a variety of heavy-duty off-highway uses.

To show the benefits of these engines, Mobil is challenging fleet managers to try them, with the goal of doubling their oil drain intervals up to maximum of 2,000 hours through the Double Your Drain Challenge. Mobil will work with selected fleets to achieve the extended interval goals.



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