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Cummins approves Chevron’s Delo engine oils for use in mobile natural gas engines

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Chevron Delo 600 ADF 10W-30 Chevron

Cummins has approved Chevron's Delo 600 ADF 10W-30 and Delo 600 ADF 15W-40 for use in Cummins mobile natural gas engines. The approval process requires two years of field testing in Cummins engines sold to the on-highway market, followed by a tear-down of the engines and a review by Cummins. After putting Delo 600 ADF through this process, it has now received approval for use in Cummins natural gas engines and is registered to CES 20092.

Delo 600 ADF 10W-30 and Delo 600 ADF 15W-40 were introduced in 2019, offering diesel engine oils formulated with OMNIMAXTM, an ultra-low ash (ULA) technology designed to solve the problem of ash build-up from engine oil additive packages in diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Chevron says that Delo 600 ADF products have been proven to help improve fuel economy retention, forced regenerations, and lessen the downtime required to properly service and remove ash from the units.

"Shortly after launching Delo 600 ADF, we saw that these products naturally align with Cummins CES 20092 specification for mobile natural gas engine oils," says Shawn Whitacre, Chevron's senior staff engineer. "Having a single oil for both diesel and natural gas-powered vehicles should make life much easier for fleet operators. With the upcoming launch of a CNG-powered 15L engine, we are already hearing from long-haul operators looking for a one-oil solution for their mixed fleet."

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