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Ramcharger pickup uses onboard generator to charge batteries for extended range

A pickup truck parked in front of a house under construction.
The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger uses a V-6 engine to power a generator that provides a charge to the onboard battery, giving the truck a significant range. Ram Trucks

The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger takes a new approach to battery-electric pickups - it uses an onboard generator to charge the battery, providing what Ram says is an unprecedented range paired with capacity and performance.

The new truck was announced in conjunction with a launch of the full 2025 Ram 1500 line.

A liquid-cooled 92 kilowatt-hour battery pack is paired with a 3.6-litre V-6 130 kW onboard generator, sending power to 250-kW front and 238-kW rear electric drive modules (EDMs). The EDMs combine motor, gearbox, and inverter, along with all-wheel-drive capability. The front EDM features an automatic wheel-end disconnect that allows front wheels to spin freely in certain conditions to maximize efficiency, while the rear is positioned on the rear axle with an available electronic-locking rear differential.

When the V-6 is running, it powers the generator, which can then be used to either charge the battery when it is depleted, or be used to preserve battery power. It can also be applied to the high-voltage bus where the EDMs can use the generator electrical power plus battery electrical power to provide maximum power to the wheels. The engine does not provide direct mechanical power to the wheels.

The Pentastar V-6 has been adapted specifically for powering the generator, with unique packaging to make room for the front EDM. The onboard generator is mounted directly to the engine, while a power inverter module mounts on the vehicle and connects to a junction box.

Two electric drive modules on each axle of the Ramcharger are powered by the battery, which is charged by a generator mounted on the V-6 engine. Ram Trucks

Using the STLA Frame platform, specifically designed for full-size electric vehicles, which features a body-on-frame design. The design is wider in the middle to incorporate the battery pack, which is positioned under the floor in the centre of the truck.

The charge port on the driver's side front quarterpanel has Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging as well as DC fast charging. Users can add up to 80 km of all-electric range in approximately 10 minutes with 400-volt DC fast charging at up to 145 kW. Ram stated that its EV customers will benefit from a comprehensive charging network in urban and highway locations.

The targeted range for the Ram 1500 Ramcharger is 1,110 km. It is able to generate 615 lb.-ft. of torque, go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, tow up to 14,000 pounds, and carry a payload of up to 2,625 pounds. It can also be used as a portable power source - an onboard panel in the bed can provide up to 7.2 kW of energy for powering a home in a storm or running tools at a job site.

Like other models in the 2025 Ram 1500 line, the Ramcharger features lockable bed storage in the form of the Rambox system. It also features a power tailgate.

Inside, EV-specific items have been included in the Ramcharger. An e-shifter, new regen buttons for either normal or max regen with one pedal driving, and specific pages accessed through the 12- and new 14-5-inch reconfigurable touchscreen displays are all included. On the outside, special lighting packages and body designs emphasize the Ramcharger as an electric vehicle.

A large suite of driver assist, trailering, and safety tools are available in the Ramcharger, including Autonomous Drive Assist System capabilities like Hands-Free Highway Assist, autonomous parking, and perpendicular parking assist.

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