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Dynaset dust suppression system proves successful on demolition job in historic city

A demolition excavator utilizes a dust suppression system
The HPW-DUST high-pressure dust suppression system intercepts dust at the point of generation. Dynaset

As urban landscapes evolve, demolition of structures is needed in cities. However, demolition can be dusty business, and mitigating the environmental and health impacts that can be associated with demolition requires effective dust control.

On a demolition project in historic Uppsala, Sweden, contractor Normans AB required dust suppression to protect the ecologically sensitive area, adjacent properties, and dense population of residents from the harmful effects of airborne particles. The company selected Dynaset's HPW-DUST high-pressure dust suppression system for the job.

Dynaset's HPW-DUST is a high-pressure water system with nozzles that produce a fine mist at the point of dust production; these fine water droplets bind and settle airborne dust particles, drastically reducing the amount of dust that escapes into the environment.

The HPW-DUST helps reduce environmental issues in urban and other sensitive areas. Dynaset

HPW-DUST is powered by the hydraulics of the machine it is mounted on, which is used to produce high-pressure water. Water is then sprayed from the nozzles mounted on the demolition attachment.

Normans selected the HPW-DUST system for its efficiency, as the high-pressure water mist captures fine dust particles better than traditional sprinklers and other systems, Dynaset says. Long-term savings associated with reduced health risks, environmental fines, and lower equipment maintenance costs make the system more cost-effective. It is also versatile – it can be mounted on a range of machines and gives Normans flexibility in its operation.

The HPW-DUST system has low water consumption, and Dynaset says that the overall environmental footprint is lower than alternative dust suppression methods.

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