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Stellar shares new products including cordless drill pump for cable trailers at The Utility Expo

A man runs a pump on a cable trailer using a cordless drill.
A new cordless drill pump helps users load Stellar Industries cable trailers quickly. Stellar Industries

Stellar Industries introduced a trio of new products at The Utility Expo, including a Poly Lube Skid to enhance lubrication services, a cordless drill pump for several models of Stellar cable trailers, and a bale-style pull-handle toolbox system.

The cordless drill pump for Stellar Self-Loading Single-Reel Cable Trailers helps reduce the time it takes to load reels, improving efficiency. Rather than pumping reels by hand, the drill does the work, raising a 2,000-pound reel from the ground to a loaded position in under 25 seconds. Additionally, a flow control valve distributes flow to each cylinder to compensate for an uneven load.

Stellar's new Poly Lube Skid can carry a range of products safely and is small enough to be lifted by a crane. Stellar Industries

Mechanics who handle lubrication services from their trucks will have a new option with improved contamination control and reduced leak points thanks to the LM220M Poly Lube Skid. Designed to reduce the likelihood of lubricants or other substances becoming contaminated, the unit aids in extending longevity and reliability. It also has a more streamlined design with fewer leak points and thus decreases the likelihood of spills and fluid loss, enhancing safety and environmental compliance.

The new lube skid is easy to maintain and repair, ensuring that equipment remains up and running, and is designed for lifting with a crane, even when fully loaded, to make transportation easier. It is capable of containing a variety of fluids in different configurations, including new oil, waste oil, antifreeze, diesel, and DEF.

Stellar's new bale-style pull-handle toolbox system features a unique design. Stellar Industries

The toolbox system, which Stellar says is an industry-first product, is designed to be convenient and versatile, with a unique handle design that allows users to activate latches by grabbing from either above or below. This provides a more ergonomic and user-friendly experience. The new bale-style pull-handle toolbox system will replace the existing pull-handle toolbox system seamlessly at the time of launch, and will utilize 90 percent of the toolbox system parts from Stellar's T-handle version for easy upgrades.

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