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Komatsu follows European release of 3-ton lithium-ion mini excavator with Japan launch

An electric mini excavator in front of a white background.
The PC30E-6 has been released in Europe and is now moving into the Japanese market. Komatsu

Komatsu will launch a new 3-ton electric mini excavator equipped with a lithium-ion battery in the Japanese market in 2023, part of the company's ongoing efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 while introducing multiple electric models to meet industry needs.

The PC30E-6, previously released in Europe in July 2023, is a remodeled version of the PC30E-5, released as a rental model to the Japanese market in 2020. The new model carries on its predecessor's key features of zero exhaust gas, heat emissions, and low noise, but is equipped with a lithium-ion battery instead of a lead-acid battery.

With the new battery, the PC30E-6 is more compact and lightweight than the earlier model, and also has longer operating time. The lithium-ion unit has low self-discharge and can be repeatedly charged and discharged, Komatsu notes. With the stationary charger, capable of rapid charging in a short time, the PC30E-6 can offer continuous operation even by repeating short charges during breaks. Komatsu's unique charging control system enables efficient high-capacity charging in a safe and reliable manner.

Low noise and zero emissions mean the excavator can work easily in sites where exhaust fumes or engine noise are discouraged. The working environment is cleaner, and employees can communicate more easily.

The PC30E-6 has a two-pillar canopy that conforms to ISO safety standards and provides forward visibility for safe and reliable work. It helps protect the operator in case of rollover or falling objects.

Operators will find that maintenance on the new machine is far reduced compared to standard mini excavators - thanks to the absence of an engine, fuel system, and radiator. Routine maintenance checks and high-voltage areas are separated, ensuring that basic checks can be done safely without worry over electrical danger.

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