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Zeal Motor rolls into The Utility Expo with new amphibious pickups, haulers, and wagons

An amphibious pickup truck parked on the crest of a small hill
A Zeal Motor Fat Truck 2.4 pickup Zeal Motor

Zeal Motor Inc. has added new hauler, wagon, and pickup models to its Fat Truck lineup. These new amphibious vehicles will be unveiled at Zeal Motor's The Utility Expo booth. The new models include:

  • Fat Truck 8X8 hauler
  • Fat Truck 8X8 wagon
  • Fat Truck 2.4 pickup
  • Fat Truck 2.8 pickup
  • Fat Truck 2.8 wagon

The 8X8 models are built to excel in demanding terrains, offering the capability to transport up to 5,000 pounds of payload or accommodate a crew of up to 16 individuals. The 2.4 Pickup is a 2000-pound amphibious vehicle, featuring a design with a hydraulic motor powering each wheel. The 2.8 Wagon and Pickup represent the evolution of their predecessors, the 2.8C and 2.8P, utilizing an 11 percent power increase and over 40 new and updated features. Notable improvements include impact-resistant windshields for heightened safety, an ergonomic and quieter cab, and the introduction of PTO capabilities.

Zeal Motor now offers a larger range of industrial off-road utility amphibious vehicles.

"Our vehicles display impressive capabilities with speeds of up to 25 mph on land and three mph (5kph) on water. Furthermore, they meet stringent safety requirements, providing a remarkable advantage that only the Fat Truck can deliver. Even at maximum payload, their footprint remains five times less than that of a human walking," stated Amine Khimjee, vice president of sales and marketing at Zeal Motor.

The unveiling will take place at The Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, running from September 26 to the 28, at booth N929.

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