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Three Rokbak articulated haulers overcome rugged conditions in the Rocky Mountains

An excavator fills an articulated hauler with aggregate
A Rokbak RA40 articulated hauler Rokbak

Jura Creek Enterprises personalizes and names all the equipment the company buys. The new Rokbak articulated haulers the company has just invested in are no different. Each one of Jura Creek Enterprises' RA40 articulated haulers has been named after characters from The Flintstones, with its prehistoric character sticker proudly displayed on the side of the truck.

‘Wilma,' ‘Betty,' and ‘Pebbles' were delivered to Jura Creek Enterprises in the second quarter of 2023 as the first RA40s in the region. These machines were immediately put into production at the Crowsnest Pass quarry. The site produces high calcium material including limestone aggregate, stackables, and armourstone, with Jura Creek Enterprises selling about 1,360 tonnes (1,500 tons) from it per day. With quality personnel and equipment the bedrock of Jura Creek Enterprises, the RA40s have fit in well, delivering both comfort and efficiency.

On the job

Each RA40 at Crowsnest Pass needs to transport blasted limestone to a crusher or trommel screen in one-mile cycles. The RA40 articulated steering system ensures ideal manoeuvrability, enabling the hauler to navigate through tight spaces and tackle steep inclines with ease, a feature proving indispensable on the challenging terrain in Alberta. The RA40 boasts an impressive hauling capacity of 38 metric tonnes (40 tons) and a heaped capacity of 23.0 m3 / 30.3 yd3, ideal for transporting the substantial volumes of materials required for Jura Creek Enterprises' operation.

"We needed robust haulers, and that's exactly what we got," says Travis Deglow, Principal for Jura Creek Enterprises. "They've taken to the terrain and handle the surfaces well, and are proving to be real assets to what we're doing at Crowsnest Pass."

Jura Creek Enterprises has over 40 years of experience working in the trucking and mining industries of Western Canada. The company specializes in blasting, crushing, and screening, and takes great pride in its role within the community, striving to minimize environmental impact through modern technology and sustainability policies.

Reducing environmental impact is similarly a key tenet of the Rokbak brand. The dump trucks have lean-burning engines and a confirmed low fuel consumption, with the RA40 having a transmission fluid change interval of 6,000 hours.

In 2021, Jura Creek Enterprises expanded its operations to Crowsnest Pass, a low mountain pass across the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rockies on the Alberta-British Columbia border. Jura Creek Enterprises is a supplier of limestone aggregates and armourstone in Southern Alberta and south-eastern British Columbia, the two regions which the Canadian Rockies Mountain range spans.

In Alberta, the coldest months of the year (January and February) can see temperatures drop to as low as -30 to -40 degrees Celsius (-22 to -40°F) for short periods of time.

"Operator comfort for us is integral and the RA40 has provided that," says Travis. "The HVAC provides the right temperature control for comfort on cold or hot days, the cab is extremely quiet and the smooth ride has equated to high production." 

Aftersales security

Headwater Equipment is the Rokbak articulated hauler dealer for the province of Alberta. The company has been providing Jura Creek Enterprises with heavy construction equipment via direct sales, rentals, service, and parts since 2020.

Jura Creek Enterprises purchased the RA40s from Headwater Equipment with a standard warranty and a full maintenance package that covers the units for the first 3,000 hours of operations. Providing aftersales and services, Headwater Equipment will perform all the scheduled maintenance on these units as part of the purchase package, keeping the cost of ownership to a minimum.

"Being in a relatively remote location, it is so reassuring to know that there are qualified technicians ready to correct any problems that might develop," says Travis. "It is nice to work with Rokbak and Headwater Equipment who understand our equipment needs and provide the support needed to keep Jura Creek Enterprises up and running all year round.

"It's brilliant to hear how well the three RA40 units have been performing on site for the Jura Creek Enterprises team," says Rokbak Regional Sales Manager Greg Gerbus. "Rokbak trucks are popular with customers because they are hardworking, robust and easy to operate and maintain. There's a strong future ahead for Rokbak in Canada."

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