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Pair of Rokbak articulated haulers conquer steep conditions at New Zealand quarry

Two articulated haulers are parked at a quarry
Two RA40 articulated haulers at Atlas Quarries' Brynderwyn site. Rokbak

Two Rokbak RA40 articulated haulers are at work in Atlas Quarries' fleet at its Brynderwyn quarry.

Approximately 100 kilometres north of Auckland, the Brynderwyn site, known for its rugged terrain and challenging working conditions, required a reliable hauler capable of meeting the demands of heavy-duty quarrying operations. After careful evaluation and consultation, Atlas Quarries selected two RA40.

New trucks in New Zealand

A variety of industries in New Zealand contribute to the growing articulated hauler demand in this developing environment. Orders are often required for civil work along freeways and for general construction, alongside Atlas' specialty of quarrying and aggregates.

The RA40 has the capacity to carry 38 tonnes (41.9 U.S. tons). A modulating transmission retarder coupled with an efficient exhaust brake and fully enclosed oil-cooled multidisc brakes offer ideal braking performance – something greatly appreciated by operators at the Brynderwyn site.

"Where we haul and fill out to is pretty steep, so with a full load onboard you need to know the truck is going to stop where you want it to," says Brynderwyn quarry manager, Tony Turnbull. "It's one thing to scramble up a hill without any worries, but when you're at the wheel, you also want to know the machine will remain predictable and maintain traction on the way down too. In investing in the Rokbak haulers we were also looking for a big improvement in reliability and safety. The trucks are well designed for servicing and all the main checkpoints are at ground level." 

Still run by the Collie family today, Atlas Quarries has been a supplier of quarry aggregates for almost 75 years. With a strong presence in Auckland, it specializes in providing high-quality construction materials for various infrastructure projects across the region. The company produces around 300,000 tonnes of material annually. And with over 100 years more raw material resources to mine, Atlas Quarries should be helping lay the foundations of Auckland's growth.

Big asks, tough tasks

The RA40 offers a range of features designed to maximize performance and operator comfort. The hauler's construction and capabilities allow it to navigate the challenging terrain of the Brynderwyn site. When working conditions are more arduous and punctuated by steeper inclines and tricky ground structures, the tractive effort can be increased by approximately 50 percent to provide the necessary performance.

The automated limited-slip cross-axle and manually applied inter-axle differential locks distribute torque between axles and/or across the axles to limit wheel spin and maintain machine momentum. This adaptable traction control provides excellent machine stability in poor conditions, while the operator-friendly cabin design provides visibility and ergonomic controls to maintain operator comfort.

The haulers help to increase operational efficiency at the site and contribute to a significant reduction in maintenance costs. The haulers' design and diagnostic systems minimize downtime, resulting in increased productivity and substantial cost savings.

"We are pleased to have partnered with Atlas Quarries in optimizing its operations at the Brynderwyn site alongside our Global Parts Dealer of the Year, Porter Group," says Lee Irving, Rokbak regional manager. "The success achieved with them in New Zealand and an increased Rokbak profile in the country demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative, high-performance solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers wherever they operate in the world."

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