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Trackunit's new platform gives fleet owners simple access to data feeds

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Marketplace is a platform for construction rental businesses and operators. Adobe Stock Images

Trackunit has introduced a new platform for construction rental businesses and operators to select app components to maximize benefits for their organization called Marketplace. Trackunit says that Marketplace is a doorway to its Iris construction platform. Iris is a platform designed to connect the construction ecosystem in one place.

"Marketplace will allow mixed-fleet owners to easily access aggregated data sources that have been harmonized and standardized," said Lærke Ullerup, chief product and marketing officer. "This will enable them to streamline their internal business processes with significant downtime implications, freeing up resources for other things.

"Mixed-fleet owners no longer need to spend time, money, and process on putting together big teams as they can significantly reduce time and effort spent collecting and aggregating the data," Ullerup said. "Effectively, they choose what they need from the Iris ecosystem through a self-serve automated approach. This is about enabling mixed-fleet service providers to cope with the increasing complexities of modern construction. This should consolidate their businesses and help mixed-fleet owners going forward."

Trackunit says that OEMs can also deliver high-quality data through the Iris Marketplace data feeds.

Marketplace is being introduced in phases. In late 2023 Trackunit will enable Works With Trackunit partners and external developers to build apps or data connectors for users leveraging Iris's data-led insights engine. Trackunit says that developers will be able to build value-based services and applications in a secure environment and effectively help to establish an ecosystem tailored towards specific use cases serving the broader ecosystem

"Marketplace leverages all the security, scalability, domain modelling, and data access that Iris provides to generate value that will have a real, tangible benefit for customers throughout the value chain," said Ullerup. "It's transformational because it recognizes that construction is digitizing at a speed that single-focused solutions cannot keep up with if we are to serve the needs of every player in the industry."

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