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Smart Job Configurator makes selecting Kleemann crushing plant settings easier

A graphic of a hand touching a tablet in front of a crusher.
The Smart Job Configurator allows operators to select the right crusher settings for a range of materials and end products. Kleemann

Different machines have different settings. To ensure that users find solutions quickly and easily, Kleemann now offers the Smart Job Configurator as part of the SPECTIVE operating concept. The configurator enables the optimal machine settings to be easily determined.

Finding the ideal machine parameters takes time and requires experience. The applications for crushing plants are diverse and, depending on the feed material and the desired end result, the parameters vary. The Smart Job Configurator is part of the SPECTIVE CONNECT app and SPECTIVE touch display. It supports operators in the selection and entry of the correct settings. This ensures that the desired high-quality final product is reached with the lowest possible wear and fuel consumption.

The operator is guided step-by-step through the menu and enters necessary data for their planned application, such as details about the machine, material, and its processing. A suitable final product is suggested along with the tools required. When all parameters are entered, the tool creates an overview of the ideal machine configurations. The result of the calculations can be exported as a PDF.

On the SPECTIVE touch panel the suggested settings can be applied quickly and simply via the Smart Job Configurator menu.

The Smart Job Configurator can also be used without SPECTIVE CONNECT as a "QuickStart" on the touch panel. The operator is guided step by step through the machine configuration, which accelerates the set-up. The operator receives the same setting options that are offered in the app.

The Smart Job Configurator is fed with various application scenarios, created by Kleemann application technology. More "recipes" are gradually being added. Operators can find an ever-expanding range of various applications. Customers can also contact Kleemann directly if special applications are required.

The result is simple and efficient material processing for both experienced users and newer employees.

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