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Kleemann’s new impact crusher impresses at German limestone quarry

Two people pose for a photo near an impact crusher
Christoph Obalski (left), a sales consultant at Wirtgen Germany, with Dirk Frorath (right), the managing director of AMIRO GmbH, during the handoff of the MOBIREX MR 130i PRO. Kleemann

A limestone quarry in Wuppertal, Germany, is where Kleemann's new MOBIREX MR 130i PRO impact crusher gets its first practical application. The machine has been in operation since August 2022.

The previous MOBIREX MR 122 Z impact crusher served the quarry well. The operating company, AMIRO GmbH, wanted to use a combination plant in the future where the screening unit is connected directly to the crushing plant, creating a machine with a post-screening unit and an oversize grain return.

The new MOBIREX MR 130i PRO is an ideal machine for this challenge and is now demonstrating its high output, effective screening, and ideal product quality. And all of this is in a single plant without an additional screening plant. Reduced fuel consumption is a further positive feature. Only one plant needs to be refuelled which reduces the overall consumption and reduces emissions.

A Kleemann MOBIREX MR 130i PRO impact crusher Kleemann

An efficient double-deck post-screening unit

The plant is used to crush limestone for the furnace industry from a feed size of 0/600 to the final product of 0/45. The double-deck post-screening unit discharges a final grain size utilizing both screen decks.

A size 50 square mesh is installed in the lower deck for this purpose and a larger mesh is installed in the upper deck as a relief deck. The oversized grain is directed through a reversible transfer conveyor onto the oversize grain conveyor and is then returned to the crushing process.

A new development perfectly suited to the task

Finding a machine that meets all the requirements was initially a challenge.

"The customer had considered different suppliers and options," explains Christoph Obalski, a sales consultant at Wirtgen Germany. "Luckily, with the new MR 130i PRO from Kleemann, we have a completely new machine that is exactly suited to the project. When I told Mr. Frorath about the new product he practically made his decision on the spot."

Dirk Frorath, the managing director at AMIRO GmbH, has several Kleemann machines in operation at quarries and recycling companies.

"The machine output is excellent and that, of course, is a decisive factor. What has always impressed me at Kleemann is the service and spare parts supply. It is a healthy, strongly-positioned company with reliable contact partners whose customer support is fast and uncomplicated," says Frorath.

In this case, it was not possible to view the machine in operation in advance because the impact crusher was a new development. AMIRO GmbH only went forward with the purchase because the company had already used Kleemann machines and equipment for a long time previously. When Frorath was finally able to view the machine at a Kleemann plant in Göppingen, he saw he made the right choice for his operation.

"The large running gear with heavy-duty framing, easy accessibility via steps and platforms to all components, and the solid double-deck post-screening unit – this made the first impression perfect," Frorath says.

The MOBIREX MR 130i PRO utilizes an electric motor for driving the crusher. The machine in operation at the limestone quarry uses a star-delta drive.

The SPECTIVE operating concept

The MOBIREX MR 130i PRO is also equipped with the SPECTIVE operating concept. The operators in the quarry are already familiar with this from the other MR 130 EVO2 plants.

"Every now and again we receive very positive feedback from the users," says Obalski. "The machine operators cope with the system without any problems. Once you've got to know SPECTIVE, you can operate all Kleemann crushing plants intuitively."

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