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Kubota 2023 compact track loader specs

A compact track loader lifts its bucket up high
A Kubota Canada SVL 75-3 Kubota Canada

Kubota's SVL series compact track loaders are designed with the operator and their work in mind. The company says that these compact track loaders deliver high bucket breakout force and lifting capacity, outstanding stability, two-speed travel with auto downshift for maximum torque when turning, a reliable Kubota engine, and more. Operator-focused features, such as a wide cab with roll-up door, low-effort hydraulic pilot controls, and easy maintenance, make it easy to run any compact track loader from the SVL lineup.  

A spec sheet for Kubota compact track loaders Kubota

Featured: SVL 75-3

The SVL 75-3 combines performance and productivity with an advanced multifunction valve for improved simultaneous operation. The SVL 75-3 brings together a new hydraulic system, added technology, and features - including simultaneous functionalty, auto downshift, a one-piece pressurized cab, and horsepower - to address a wide range of tasks.

A Kubota CTL utilizes a snow blower on a snowy job site. Kubota

Recent Kubota compact track loader attachments

Compactor, grapple, and snowblower expand Kubota line of CE attachments

Kubota and Land Pride have jointly released two snow blowers for compact track loaders. The SBL30 and SBL 35 are available with hydraulic flow rates to match a number of Kubota power units, including the SSV and SVL lines. SBL30 models feature two motor options to accommodate lower-flow machines, while the SBL35 has one motor available and matches the high-flow capabilities of the SVL97-2. Optional bolt-on wings add an additional four inches of width, and an optional fold-over chute makes it possible to direct snow more precisely. The snow blowers are performance-matched to Kubota machines.

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