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John Deere 2023 compact track loader specs

A compact track loader pushes a large pile of dirt
A John Deere 33G compact track loader John Deere

Customers rely on CTLs to be more productive on a range of job sites. To help maximize productivity, EH Boom performance packages are available for John Deere machines. This shortens cycle times and speeds up repetitive boom movements like boom height kickout, return to dig, and return to carry. John Deere also offers more than 100 attachments, increasing operator efficiency and machine versatility. John Deere says its CTLs have easy-to-access service checkpoints and can put in more hours of work between recommended service intervals.

John Deere's compact track loader spec sheet John Deere

Featured: 333G

John Deere says its 333G CTL offers optimal power and expansive capabilities for jobs of any scale. The 333G can be outfitted with a range of grade control solutions, such as SmartGrade, saving operators time and avoiding rework. Keeping operators productive and efficient, this compact track loader is compatible with a multitude of attachments and offers a spacious and ergonomic cab.

A cold planer on a John Deer skid-steer loader. John Deere

John Deere's latest compact equipment attachments

CP18E, CP24E, and CP30E cold planers

John Deere's CP18E, CP24E, and CP30E cold planers are best for contractors who work on street repairs levelling uneven pavement, texturing pavement, and cleaning around larger milling machines. These attachments are compatible with John Deere CTLs, SSLs, and equipment from other manufacturers.

Operators can remove the planer's side plate when working next to a curb, making it ideal for tight spaces. Operators can maneuver cold planer depth, tilt, and side shift through in-cab controls, and the attachments have a rear spoil clearance that reaches up to nine inches (299 millimetres).

A case pressure reservoir provides a visual indicator of high case pressure on the cold planers. If there is high case pressure, the reservoir fills with oil and will give an indication to shut down the system for proper maintenance.

A trencher attachment on a John Deer skid-steer loader. John Deere

John Deere's TC36 and TC48 trenchers

John Deere designed its TC36 and TC48 trenchers for lighter-duty construction, agricultural, and landscaping tasks.

The TC-series trenchers have several configurations to match most soil conditions or trench requirements. They come equipped with a spring-loaded trencher boom that reduces system shock. The crumber boom pulls loose soil into the trenchers, leaving a clean bottom, and an auger removes spoils from trenches.

A John Deere 317G compact track loader John Deere

Updated rubber tracks for G-Series CTLs

John Deere has also updated the rubber tracks found on G-Series compact track loaders. Deere says that these tracks are more durable than the previous iteration.

The tracks utilize an arched roller path to help shed debris and improve the roller path life. Steel cords help reduce bending stress, while updates to the metal core adhesive process improve the durability of the steel cords. Deere says that these improvements boost performance and durability, even while navigating challenging terrain and conditions.

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