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Rokbak’s updated telematics system monitors fuel consumption and maintenance data

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Contractors and other users are starting to utilize higher levels of connectivity and automated functionality between the equipment in their fleets. Because of this desire, Rokbak has updated its Haul Track telematics system. The updates were presented at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. The telematics system works to help simplify fleet management by working to protect equipment from misuse and unexpected downtime. 

"Haul Track puts machine owners back in the operator's seat, figuratively speaking, reassuring them that their valuable investment is in safe hands," says Charlie Urquhart, Rokbak product manager. "Accompanied by a new website that provides an easily customizable dashboard to simplify and speed up how they view and retrieve operating information from afar, it offers a much more accurate and cost-effective insight into a whole host of factors that have the capacity to make or break their bottom line." 

Haul Tracks utilizes GPS to transmit real-time machine location and tracking information in PDF reports. These reports make it easier to keep tabs on where a machine is and what the machine is doing at any time of the day.

Because of these updates, Haul Track now meets the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) Telematics Standard 2.0 Application Programming Interface. This allows owners of mixed fleets to manage their telematics data in one place. Data is presented in a standard format, which means the output from Haul Track can be easily integrated with other systems. 

Rokbak also offers an optional onboard weighing system (OBW) that can be used in conjunction with Haul Tracks to more easily calculate and improve the total cost of ownership of a machine. The system can help highlight key metrics like sub-otimal travel speed, dump count, load cycles, and the amount of fuel used, to improve efficiency and plan future maintenance schedules.

Machine owners can quickly isolate a specific hauler's data along with seeing exactly where it's been working and track all accumulative loads. 

By taking a deep dive into parameters like travel speeds, fuel consumption, temperatures, and pressures, owners can also quickly pull up historical data to look for patterns and identify operator training needs.

With Haul Track connecting to the Rokbak OBW system, any habitual underloading or overloading can be easily identified. 

Aside from curtailing misuse, the Haul Track and OBW combination offers huge potential to monitor production management and costs for higher production efficiency. 

"Now it's easy to work out how many tonnes you've moved each day," says Charlie. "Likewise, once you have visibility of the unit and its operations, long idle times and underloading can be monitored and mitigated." 

Owners can proactively monitor the health of a variety of machine systems via diagnostic and preventative maintenance data. They can also view critical information whenever system fault codes are triggered. 

With this data, owners can anticipate and plan interventions at a time that will minimize disruption to productivity while prolonging component lifecycles, or, in the unlikely worst-case scenario, remove the machine from duty to prevent the problem from escalating further. The system can even be set to email technicians when a hauler is within a set number of hours of its next scheduled service. 

Rokbak also offers a new maintenance package that gives users access to important service information like service kit part numbers and required actions at the specified service interval. 

"When you've spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on your machines, you need to protect that investment from misuse, whether deliberate or unintentional," concludes Charlie. "Rokbak's Haul Track telematics system is designed to take a load off our customers' minds so they can keep their haulers secure, monitor their health, manage machine performance and productivity, and improve site safety. Once plant owners start using Haul Track, they don't know what they'd do without it!" 

Haul Track hardware is fitted as standard on all Rokbak EU Stage V and Tier 4 Final articulated haulers.

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