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HAMM wins two Good Design Awards for latest compactors

A compactor drives up a small mound of rocky debris
A HAMM HC 130i C compactor HAMM

The two latest compactor series from HAMM – the HC CompactLine series and the HC series – were recently awarded the Good Design Award 2022 by the Chicago Athenaeum.

"We have been harmonizing ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics for over 30 years; for us, not just pure performance, but also the health of the operator and ease of handling are right at the top of the agenda," says Dr. Axel Römer, head of research and development at HAMM. This philosophy was also significant in the development of the now award-winning compactor series.

Two awards in the "Industrial" category

The two latest compactor series in the HAMM portfolio received awards in the "Industrial" category. The design award has been presented for 75 years and has always had a focus on ground-breaking design. The Good Design Award honours products which stand out due to its form, function, and aesthetic. In awarding this prize, the jury evaluates the product in terms of the level of innovation of the design, new technologies, form, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, and energy efficiency, as well as sensitivity to the environment.

Hamm's HC series

Hamm's HC series (85 kW/11 ton to 160 kW/25 ton) reinterprets the style elements of the HAMM brand. Visually, the new shape of the engine hood stands out because it provides the operator with ideal visibility to the rear. Both the interior and the operator's platform provide plenty of movement. The jury agreed that "the ambiance of the new cab gives the driver a completely new feeling of space," and deemed that "the spacious cab sets new standards for visibility and workstation design." The space can be ideally utilized thanks to a comfortable seat with a new rotating and sliding mechanism. The design of the workstation has all operating elements clearly laid out and is language-neutral.

The vibrations and the noise level for the operator are significantly reduced compared to previous models thanks to the materials and the design. A comfortable heating and air-conditioning system in the cab keeps the windows free of fog and contribute to visibility. Storage compartments, ventilation, and lighting round off the level of comfort offered by this well-designed construction machinery.

The design supports efficiency and sustainability

New concepts in engine and vibration management allowed HAMM to increase the power considerably, and at the same time reduce exhaust gas emissions, noise, and vibrations. The design supports the overall performance of the HC series, thanks to the newly designed front vehicle, for example "with a significantly greater clearance between the drum and the crossbeam, where material cannot accumulate," according to the specialist jury. This means that there is little downtime for cleaning the drum. Users can also adapt each roller ideally to their individual requirements and areas of application.

Ready for a digital construction site

The new compactors from HAMM are equipped for the digitalization of the construction industry.

"The HC series compactors are 'digital ready' and so meet future construction site quality and communication requirements," continues the selection jury. "Using the Smart Doc app from HAMM, even less-experienced drivers can immediately determine which areas have been sufficiently compacted, and which areas still require compaction. Furthermore, the compactors can communicate, even with digital applications from third parties, via a standardized interface."

HC CompactLine series: Compact and safe

The HC CompactLine (55.4 kW/5 tons to seven tons), which also won an award, is in the small compactor segment. Particularly noteworthy is the seven-ton HC 70i which is 4.40 metres in length. Combined with the three-point articulation and the short wheelbase, this results in excellent driving and handling characteristics. In their reasoning, the jury stressed that the compactors, thanks to their compact form, short wheelbase, and gradeability, are suited for compaction in narrow construction sites and in trenches. The jurors also emphasized that the HC CompactLine series "is extremely easy to operate thanks to the standard intuitive operation, embedded in an ergonomically optimized workstation." The arrangement, design, and clear symbols on the operating elements make manual operations straightforward. Back-lit buttons ensure correct operation, even in the dark. The arrangement of the steering wheel allows a clear view of and easy access to the dashboard.

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