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Scan-Link's RFID detection system helps protect workers from job site accidents

A worker holds a hard hat on a job site
Passive RFID tags are discreetly installed in any existing hard hat and in safety vests. Adobe Stock Images

Scan-Link will display its passive RFID personnel detection system at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. The system is designed to reduce the probability of an accident by monitoring workers wearing passive RFID-equipped personal protective equipment (PPE) and alerting equipment operators when these workers find themselves located in the "danger zone" behind a piece of equipment.

The system consists of several components. An antenna is mounted on the back of the machine, an in-cab display with audio and visual alerts for the operator inside of the cabin, and an external alarm alerts ground personnel when they are detected in the danger zone. The system can detect employees wearing Scan-Link's passive RFID-equipped PPE within a range of 20 to 30 feet.

Passive RFID tags (that require no maintenance or batteries) are discreetly installed in any existing hard hat and in safety vests. The tags become part of the PPE and not an additional device worn separately.

Scan-Link also offers a passive Marker Tag to alert equipment operators as they approach inanimate objects equipped with Marker Tags such as pipes, bridge columns, open pits, vehicles, and more. The audio prompt for when a Marker Tag is detected is unique, so equipment operators can easily differentiate between people and objects.

The antenna records and stores usage data, such as the number of detections, time and date of detection, location, apparel type, and tag type of every detection event. Since each vest and hard hat kit has a unique ID, companies can cross-reference apparel IDs with antenna data logs to identify which employee was detected for each event.

This enables contractors to make decisions that will decrease the risk of an accident happening. By having the data, the health and safety of the team can be positively and permanently changed.

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