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Merlo showcases broad range of telehandlers at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

Three telehandlers operate on a job site
A Merlo TurboFarmer 38.10 telehandler and a Merlo Roto 78.24 S rotating telehandler Merlo

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, Merlo will showcase its range of compact, rotating, and high-capacity telehandlers.

Merlo's rotating telehandlers at CONEXPO 2023

A Merlo rotating telehandler is easy to operate with intuitive controls and dual joysticks. The machines deather 360 degrees of rotation and is equipped with a 20 degree tilt cab, ensuring an operator can always see the load and the job site.

The rotating telehandlers also feature an adaptive stability control system (ASCS) which delivers machine parameters in real-time to a 10-inch display. The enclosed ROP/FOP cab is outfitted with over 42 square feet of glass, a heat and AC unit, and ergonomic seating. Plus, the independently jacking stabilizers are compact to the machine's frame and can be set up in different configurations to safely conform to a job site's terrain. The telehandlers can lift materials up to 115 feet and have weight capacities of up to 15,400 pounds.

Merlo's high-capacity telehandlers

Merlo's high-capacity telehandlers offer an enclosed cab with ergonomic and intuitive controls. The low pivot boom enables operators to safely operate the machine anywhere on a job site. Plus, an ASCS safety system delivers in real-time all machine operating parameters. Attachment versatility is key to contractors getting the most from this machine. Merlo's high-capacity telehandlers offer lift heights of up to 59 feet 4 inches and weight capacities of up to 26,500 pounds.

Merlo's high-capacity telehandlers with compact, independent front stabilizers deliver increased stability and safety when handling loads. A boom side-shift function is great for precision load placement. Hydraulic systems are sized to minimize maneuvering time. An ASCS safety system has also been designed specifically for front stabilizer models. Hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive, lift heights up to 59 feet 4 inches, and weight capacities up to 11,000 pounds are more of the features of Merlo's high-capacity telehandlers with independent front stabilizers.

Merlo's compact telehandlers

Merlo compact telehandlers can more material goods quickly and efficiently on compact and urban job sites. The machines are also great to use when a smaller telehandler is needed on the job. The compact telehandlers utilize a simple operator interface along with an enclosed cab that offers ideal sight lines. The low pivot, no-flex boom accepts a number of attachments for greater versatility. The compact telehandlers have lift heights of up to 28 feet 2 inches and weight capacities of up to 6,600 pounds.

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