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Wajax is Canada's exclusive new Citymaster dealer

A Hako Citymaster 1650 outdoor cleaning machine Hako

Wajax Corporation is now the exclusive official dealer of Hako Citymaster line of outdoor cleaning machines across Canada.

Citymaster offers sweepers and machines made for outdoor and municipal use with a compact design and turn radius that allow for simple driving and navigation. The Citymaster product line is built for customization and flexibility through a wide inventory of easily installed attachments.

Wajax says that the Citymaster products fall in line with its continued efforts to market and sell brands that are environmentally and worker safe and that the Citymaster lineup is known for low emissions, low consumption, low noise, and the machines are recognized for their safe, ergonomic operator setup.

"Wajax firmly believes in working with companies and organizations that can offer sustainable, user-friendly products," says Brian Kolthof, vice president of material handling at Wajax. "The Hako Citymaster line is a great example of the type of machines we want to be able to offer to our customers. These machines are sustainable, safe, and still operationally effective, and that's a perfect fit for what we are looking to accomplish here at Wajax."

"We are extremely excited that Wajax has agreed to distribute the Hako Citymaster product range across Canada." says Jack Hill, President & CEO of Minuteman International. "We started doing business with Wajax back in 2019 with the PowerBoss industrial brand and they have proven to be a great partner. Wajax has not only proven they can produce outstanding sales results, but their commitment to aftersales service is what has been most impressive."

The Hako Citymaster outdoor cleaning machines offer operational flexibility, efficiency, and a wide range of attachments and superstructures – including for snow and ice clearing operations.

Citymaster 1650 clears large amounts of snow

The Citymaster 1650 can be equipped with a wide range of different snow plows and universal front sweepers to clear roads, paths, and public places from ice and snow. Powerful rotary snow blowers can easily deal with even large amounts of snow. Equipped with a loading bed and a rear-attachment gritter or with a top-mounted silo gritter, the Citymaster fights black ice reliably and effectively.

Citymaster 650 designed for flexible use

Thanks to the front attachment system providing the flexible use of a wide range of different attachments, the Citymaster 650 ensures clear roads and paths in the winter with a front sweeper for reliable snow sweeping or different snow blades and a snow blower for safe snowplowing. In addition, the machine efficiently fights black ice with a cylindrical gritter for footpaths, a combo gritter for larger areas, or a brine spraying system.

Company info

2250 Argentia Road
Mississauga, ON
CA, L5N 6A5


Phone number:
1-877-GO WAJAX

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