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Trimble and Hilti integration streamlines tool tracking and reduces downtime

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The integration is Hilti's first North American integration with an ERP solution. Source: Trimble

Trimble and the Hilti Group will integrate the Hilti ON!Track asset management system with Trimble Viewpoint Vista, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution within the Trimble Construction One suite.

Instead of having to manually look, call, or guess where tools are or how much to invoice based on their use, contractors can more easily track their tools and equipment in one place and automatically know how much – and where – they were used so that an accurate amount of equipment time can be invoiced. This eliminates the need to spend clerical time manually inputting utilization data, and even manually tracking it in the field.

"Our research shows that each job site loses on average one day per month of productivity due to workers searching for tools. In addition, the contractors end up spending up to 90 hours per month tracking tools: in essence, productivity loss for both workers and contractors due to lack of an effective asset/tool management platform," says Michael McGowan, region head and CEO of Hilti North America. "Hilti ON!Track . . . helps eliminate this by tracking tools using field-ready active and passive tags, Bluetooth technology, and Gateways. An integration between ON!Track and Viewpoint Vista maximizes the benefits of asset/tool tracking data by automatically providing contractors with the information they need to track, allocate, bill, and estimate for accurate tool and equipment use."

The tracking of tools and equipment use and costs in one centralized place better prevents equipment loss and theft. It also eliminates the need to manually enter tool use and costs, which are often subject to double entry and human error. 

"We know that contractors have a lot to manage already, and that equipment is one of their most important assets," says Lawrence Smith, vice president and general manager of construction management solutions at Trimble. "This integration is yet another way we are automating and connecting data for contractors, which streamlines workflows and helps contractors more efficiently deploy their people and assets to build profitable projects."

"Hilti ON!Track has greatly reduced the 'run to the store and buy what you need' when we already own and have tools nearby," says Keeley O'Brien, president and CEO of O'Brien Co., an Oregon-based general contractor. "It takes mere seconds to transfer tools in the field, eliminating excuses about not having the right tools because no one knows where they are. It's made it very easy to inventory, track history, and locate tools and equipment."

The integration is Hilti's first North American integration with an ERP solution, and provides a solution for unified tool tracking and more accurate, automatic job allocation, giving contractors one source for tracking and managing tools and equipment. 

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