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Rokbak and Ali Crawford reunite one year after Rokbak's online launch

Ali Crawford stands beside a hauler
Ali Crawford stands near a Rokbak RA40 articulated hauler.

Like the haulers she appeared alongside a year ago to highlight the machine's abilities, Ali Crawford only gets better. Fresh from being crowned the world's fittest woman over 45, she recently returned to Motherwell to put a Rokbak RA40 articulated hauler through its paces.

Twelve months on from the Rokbak online launch event on September 1, 2021, one of the locally produced stars that caught the eye during the stream returned to the Motherwell factory to help celebrate the brand's first anniversary. 

In the latest video – which is live on Rokbak's LinkedIn and other social media pages – CrossFit athlete Ali Crawford can be seen putting an RA40 through its paces while talking about her experience filming the brand video and how she has more in common with Rokbak and its machines than you might think.

Initially chosen to reflect the tough, powerful characteristics and values she shares with the Rokbak brand, Ali has gone on to enjoy even greater success over the past year, officially becoming the World Number One in her age category after an exceptional performance at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S. last month. 

"Even though I'm in my forties now, I feel like I'm getting stronger and fitter every year, rather than older," says Crawford.

Despite living relatively close to the Rokbak factory, Ali had no previous experience with articulated haulers, so found the first video shoot an extremely enjoyable and eye-opening experience.

"I hadn't known what to expect but it turned out to be so much fun," she says. "I had a brilliant time, doing various fitness exercises around the machines to help illustrate their qualities was amazing." 

CrossFit encapsulates different types of exercise such as running, swimming, and gymnastics. It combines strength, cardio, and agility. 

"Even though the haulers are big, they have a unique agility, and that's exactly how I need to be as an athlete," concludes Ali. "It takes me back to my training, where I need to be fast, strong, and agile to be successful. And, like the Rokbak machines, I also have to be adaptable to perform at my best in different environments." 

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