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Rokbak celebrates first anniversary after a year of achievements

Several articulated haulers are parked in a lot
Rokbak is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

One year ago, Terex Trucks revealed a new name to the construction world: Rokbak. Building on eight decades of hauler heritage, and seven previous years of major improvements, the Rokbak brand was immediately a hit worldwide.

Celebrations are underway in Motherwell, Scotland to mark an extraordinary first year of operation for Rokbak. In the 12 months since Managing Director Paul Douglas announced the surprise rebranding of Terex Trucks at an online launch event, the company has enjoyed multiple successes, confirming the decision to replace an established industry name with a new, unique one was the right thing to do.

With a substantial order from Rokbak's U.K. dealer, Molson Group, during the launch event on September 1 – which was viewed by 600 people in 22 countries – this affirmation was virtually instantaneous. Paul has already described how some existing dealers were jumping for joy afterwards, and as Jacqueline Reid, global director of marketing communications and product management, will reveal in a forthcoming behind-the-scenes account, some prospect dealers who were uninterested in stocking the Terex Trucks range were very quick to get in touch and become Rokbak dealers.

The public was not shy in making its feelings known either, with thousands of new followers added to Rokbak's social media channels. Rokbak's appearances at U.K. trade shows attracted enthusiastic reviews from those getting their first real-life glimpses of the new haulers. People were keen to get hold of the new machines, as well as the supporting merchandise, at the Balmoral Show just three weeks after the launch, as well as at Molson Group's Open Days, at ScotPlant and Hillhead.

Delivering the first Rokbak articulated hauler

Rokbak's very first Sand-coloured machines were delivered to Easton Sales and Rentals and immediately sold to earthmoving, utility, and clearing company Linco Construction of Houston. The two RA30s were put straight to work, helping with earthworks, underground utility, and clearing work.

By then, orders were flowing in for RA30s and RA40s with almost all dealers in the U.S. confirming sales within the first couple of months. Over the last year, Rokbak has also seen a big increase in orders from the U.K., as well as a high level of interest from France, Indonesia, and Australia.

The company's U.S. dealer network in particular has enjoyed significant growth over the past year. Determined to offer even greater support to its customers in the North American market, Rokbak has prioritized expanding its geographical coverage, initially adding ProSource Machinery in April to provide representation across Colorado and Montana. One month later, State Tractor & Equipment had been appointed to serve Kansas and Missouri, with TraxPlus joining the team in July to cover Louisiana and Mississippi.

Cross-industry recognition

The rebranding team's hard work was officially recognized by companies outside of the construction equipment industry throughout the year. First came the CeeD Industry Awards in February, then the company took home five Marketing Society Star Awards. And, last but definitely not least, Rokbak received its second consecutive RoSPA Gold Award, which was followed by four consecutive RoSPA Silver Awards, in recognition of Rokbak's exemplary role in ensuring the health and safety of its employees.

Those employees will shortly be bringing their relatives along to the Motherwell factory for a family fun day as the celebrations continue. And users and fans have the opportunity to join in with the fun virtually, with exciting content including behind-the-scenes stories from the team and videos going live on Rokbak's website and social media channels.

"The past year has been an incredible adventure for everyone at Rokbak and I want to thank everyone in our team for their hard work," says Paul Douglas. "The new name and colour really reinforce the point that our haulers operate on a completely different level now, and our customers have had nothing but praise for them."

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